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Visitors spur interest in Medicine Creek
By Shelda Lunsford
May 7, 2013, 07:33

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Three members of the WHOA (Wayne County Horse Owners Alliance) met April 29 with the Wayne County Board of Supervisors, to discuss the Medicine Creek Wetlands and whether there had been any movement forward in allowing trail riding to be part of the overall plan for the wetlands going forward.
The supervisors listened to the request and the questions that followed and directed the group to stay interested and when Conservation has obtained a new director the issue will be visited once more. The board explained that interviews are currently being conducted in the expectation that new personnel will be in place by July 1.
The supervisors approved a measure that would allow the county treasurer to abate past taxes on a property in which a change of title resulted in a hardship for the current owner and the new title owner is asking for time to get the issue resolved.
Another property abated involved a sale where past taxes were not collected and the new property owner claims the past taxes are not part of his responsibility. Because the bulk of the past taxes were the result of unpaid utility bills from the city where it is located, and actually does not affect the county in a negative way, the abatement was approved.
Supervisors discussed with Trevor Wolf, the county engineer, a complaint from Lucas County about debris, which was the result of cut and ground up trees, floating down one of their ditches and clogging the road tube. The action, according to Lucas County, has caused the tube to become plugged, not allowing flowing water to get through the tube opening.
The engineer discussed with the supervisors the upcoming plans to move the secondary roads employees to a 10-hour, four-day per week schedule. The same thing was done the past summer and, according to records kept by the engineer’s office, it causes less wasted work hours than the five-day schedule does.
More discussion was held concerning the refund money from WRD for the recycle program. The supervisors will set a meeting with city officials to discuss a proposal for dispensing the funds back to the county for recycle.
County Sanitarian Bill Yeager presented pictures of a dead cow, which was discovered along the roadway of Jubilee Road, east of Highway S40. The cow appeared to be in the process of birthing and it is suspected she was disposed of in this manner after her death. This is the second such episode that has occurred in the recent past. Yeager said he will pursue the mystery and see if it can be established who the animal belongs to.
Boards and commissions attended include: Bill Alley—Courthouse security meeting, Public Health, Conservation interviews, HAZMAT, Wayne County Hospital concerning the future of IHCC, 10-15 Transit and helped pour concrete at the county fair grounds; John Sellers—Courthouse security meeting, Wayne County Economic Development and Southern Iowa Response group; Duffy Kester—DCAT, KFC, Public Health joint meeting with Appanoose County, HAZMAT, SENECA, Wayne County Hospital concerning future of IHCC, visited the Amish community about roadways, courthouse security meeting, met with representative about re-work for the courthouse roof and Mental Health.
The next Wayne County Board of Supervisors’ meeting will be held May 13, at 9 a.m., at the Wayne County Courthouse, in the supervisor’s office.