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Central College grad Tyler Morgan looks to instill a passion for music in young people
By Jason W. Selby
Aug 27, 2013, 08:55

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First year kindergarten through eighth grade music teacher Tyler Morgan knew what he wanted to do for a living relatively early, during his sophomore year in high school in Centerville—better than most people can say. He even knew he wanted to focus on elementary band. So far, things have gone exactly as he once planned.
Looking more like a high school student than a teacher, Morgan seems at ease with this transition from college to career. If nerves are getting to him, it does not show.
“People have been very supportive. I’ve been able to organize and take a breath.”
Teaching and music, Morgan says, “are both great ways to connect with people and express yourself. If you can’t convey yourself in words, you can express yourself in music. It’s one of the reasons God led me to this.”
Morgan loves to perform and listen to jazz, and plays base guitar. He also enjoys marching band, playing the euphonium.
With the departure of Kathy Mason from the music program after 25 years, the position will differ from that in the past. Instead of a junior high band, sixth and seventh graders will perform together, and eighth grade will consolidate with the high school.
Junior high choir will continue to be seventh and eighth grade, however, with fifth grade the first year students are eligible for band. Kindergarten through sixth grade each has its own music class.
Reorganization is an additional challenge. Morgan first had to figure out things logistically.
“It’s new on top of new.”
But in the end the goal is simple.
“My job is to instill a passion for music—to do whatever I can to make them love music.”