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Last Updated: Sep 11th, 2017 - 12:02:57

Happy Trails for the WCHCS Auxiliary Chuck Wagon Dinner
By by Chris Schultz
Sep 11, 2017, 11:57

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If one is looking for some family friendly fun Sept. 23, look no farther than Wayne County Hospital and Clinic System (WCHCS) Auxiliary Chuck Wagon Dinner and Fundraiser. Long time member and current president Karen Mattly explained that the event came about because their former event, a bazar, was “Losing strength” compared to what it had been in previous years.
Inspired by a fundraiser that had been put on by another group, a number of years ago that had “an old authentic chuck wagon, out in the middle of the field,” she brought the concept back. As with a number of new events, the turnout for the first year was less than expected. However, Mattly stated that “We’ve had lots of people, oh I wish that I would’ve come.” The idea of adding the team and family themed games gives families something to do together, whether it is partaking in the games, or watching standing on the sidelines, wishing they were partaking.
Mattly explained that this year’s event will have new features that include, a live auction, with the prizes including “Baskets which are donated by departments at the hospital.” Another new feature this year are two greeters who will be dressed up as saloon ladies. Finally, in addition to the square dancing, line dancing is being added.
Mattly also said in spite of the changes there is still plenty of carry over of things to do from the previous year, including the silent auction. Anyone curious about what the prizes are can check out the display window of the Redeemed: A Second Chance Boutique. Also returning is the jail, allowing folks to pay a two-dollar fee, which puts a warrant on someone else which lands them in jail. Another small fee will bail the person out.
The proceeds raised from this event go towards helping the Wayne County Hospital and Clinic System. So dust off your cowboy hats and boots, then come out on to the WCHCS Auxiliary Chuck Wagon Dinner.