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Bulldogs nullify the Falcons
By Barney Ogden
Sep 25, 2017, 08:14

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Bulldogs nullify the Falcons
by Barney Ogden
The half time score of the Homecoming game against Bedford was 6-0: the Bulldogs had scored late in the second quarter ... and that was as close as it was going to get.
Both teams took turns squandering prosperity in the first half with penalties and fumbles. The abundant defensive tenacity and pursuit of Hunter Clark in the opening quarters showed up in the many plays that squelched the Bulldog momentum with all the tackles made for losses and short gains: and so keeping the Falcons In the game. Clark was supported by Stetson Baker, Hunter Cobb, Blake Moore and Ryan McConahay by their pursuit and big assists.
Second half play was dominated by the Bulldog defense, keeping the Falcons on their own end of the field and giving them few chances to get into a scoring drive.
The Falcons were diverse, running plays with Brooks Jacobsen under center and Chase Kiefer operating out of the shotgun. Play action lacked timing and smoothness of execution in this game but gave the premonition that The Falcons were just at the edge of making it all work: that would include an element of confidence.
The Falcon offence struggled with finding its rhythm: losing the battle of field position throughout the game, often being forced to punt from the back of the end zone. The running game of the Falcons showed little life: Chase Kiefer was held to 114 total yards rushing, Blake Moore rushed for 14 yards, and Brooks Jacobsen added 12 yards.
The Falcon passing game showed a few sparks, but failed to ignite. Bad snaps and blocking assignments were a few fundamental mistakes that hindered their progress in the air.
The Falcons have to face the facts for their remaining season, coming away from this loss to be at 2 and 3. Their chances for a playoff berth will, at best, be an uphill slog.
I have read that the best way to tell a war story is to skip all the philosophy, abstract notions, personal sensations like hope, fear, and anger: just show the picture in the trenches. Just tell it the way it is and don't give it a sugar coated ending.
Do the Falcons have the talent, character, confidence, and all of those other abstract notions and personal things; to stay focused on these next 4 games and take them one at a time: and take on that picture in the trenches? I'm going to say yes to that.
Falcons lose to Bedford in this one 28 - 0.