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Falcon - Demons ... Jekyll or Hyde?
By Barney Ogden
Oct 2, 2017, 09:51

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Falcon fans ... there were four quarters of football played in the meeting at Lamoni Friday night, and each one presented a different game: the Falcons playing like 2 different teams. It was one of those games you had to see, to really be able to sort it out.
First quarter action started with a 35 yard run to the end zone by Chasen Kiefer, on the first offensive series in the opening minutes of play, and the 2 point conversion was successful ... good things were happening ... then it got scary; there were the 6 fumbles, missed tackles, miscues on blocking responsibilities, bad snaps: a transformation for the worst ... what was going on?
By good fortune the Falcon defense held on to limit the Demons to one score and lift the Falcons out of that self-destruct mode. First quarter score; Falcons 8: Demons 8.
Second quarter action caught the Falcons defense confused about coverage assignments on a couple of Demon pass plays: letting the Demons into the end zone 2 more times before the half. Falcons scored again on a 2 yard run by Blake Moore before the end of the first half. Half time; Falcons 14: Demons 22.
The passing game of the Demons again got them close and into the end zone one more time in the third quarter. Matt Bellon and Spencer Buban combining to stonewall and shut down the Demons inside running game having a total of 15 tackles between them. Hunter Cobb, Chasen Kiefer, Brooks Jacobsen, and Blake Moore were also contributors in tackles and pass coverages. The Falcon offense struggled again with getting into any flow with assorted play action sets and passing strategies. Third quarter; Falcons 14: Demons 30.
The fourth quarter ... new ball game! The Demons would score early in the fourth, but a little feistiness on a goal line stand by the Falcons; and a penalty setting the Demons back; the needed spark that ignited the fire: the Falcons would own the rest of the fourth quarter.
Blake Moore would go back under center and direct and manufacture crucial first downs with play action; and Kiefer pounding out gains on the ground that stunned the Demon defense: Kiefer would run in a 17 yard TD and Moore would run for 10 yards and a TD. Spencer Buban and Troy Arnold would make drive ending tackles for Demon losses with time running out.
Brooks Jacobsen was not done for the evening and gave the Falcons their chance by intercepting a Demon pass play with 12 seconds to go and saving an inevitable TD. He and Kiefer had fought off several Demon pass attempts during that drive. On offence Jacobsen ran for a huge drive saving 22 yards: a big first down, keeping Falcon hopes alive in the final moments.
A final pass from Moore was just beyond the grasp of Kiefer: just a few yards and seconds away from the goal line and new life for the Falcons. Time had run out and the Falcons come away from this one: losing to Lamoni; 30 - 36.
Unofficial stats for this game; Chasen Kiefer, the work horse tonight, passed for 8 yards; rushed for 167 yards; caught a 7 yard pass from Moore; 2 TD's and a kick off return of 25 yards and had 8 tackles. Blake Moore rushed for 35 yards, passed for 12 yards, caught a Kiefer pass for 8 yards, and had 6 tackles. Hunter Cobb had 5 tackles and ran back two kick offs for 20 yards each.
Stats won't justify the heart and play of Troy Arnold, Spencer Buban, Matt Bellon, and Brooks Jacobsen in this game ... these young men kept the Falcon Pride alive and gave the team a chance that just came up a little short of time in this one.