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Lightening holds up Falcons
By Barney Ogden
Oct 9, 2017, 12:04

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With 10:33 remaining in the first quarter Blake Moore had run for 10 yards into the end zone and Chase Kiefer would run for the 2 point conversion against the Spartans of Collins-Maxwell: 7:15 left in the opening quarter; the Falcons were on the Spartans 15 yard line, again with no indication of being held out of the end zone.
Starting the game early, to avoid the looming weather conditions, did not alter the intentions of Mother Nature. Lightning in the sky would hold up the Falcons game plan for 3 hours.
When the game resumed; officials and coaches had agreed to playing 8 minute quarters and a 5 minute half-time; with the purpose of getting this game in the book.
The Spartans offered very little resistance as the Falcons ran for a total of 382 yards and 6 more TDs in the remaining 14 minutes after the lightning delays.
This game was officially over just a few moments into the third quarter, as lightning again flashed and better judgement would concede that the Spartans were no match for the Falcons in this contest.
Unofficial stats for this game; Chase Kiefer rushed for a total of 281 yards and 5 TDs; 1 TD coming off of a Spartan punt and a return of 65 yards for the score.
Blake Moore would carry the ball for a total of 34 yards; 20 yards from a Spartan pass pick and return to the end zone for 6. Moore defended with some good coverage down field against the Spartan passing attack: knocking down all pass attempts his way and making 6 tackles.
Hunter Clark rushed for 67 yards, defend against the pass and make 5 tackles.
Hunter Cobb led all tackles with 7 and returned a punt for 25 yards.
Logan Smith made a big tackle for a Spartan loss.
Spencer Buban assisted on many tackles and recovered his own off-side kick.
Brooks Jacobsen would operate out of the shot gun with play that showed aptitude and added a flair and quickness to the Falcon offense on several plays.
Falcons defeat the Spartans of Collins-Maxwell: 54-0.
Final home game Friday, Oct. 13, as the Murry Mustangs come to Epperly Field.
See you at the game.