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Last Updated: Nov 13th, 2017 - 09:21:51

Wayne Graduates Receive Highest Honor in FFA
By Alex Foltz
Nov 13, 2017, 09:19

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The American FFA Degree is the highest degree a member of the FFA can receive. According to the FFA website, “the American FFA Degree is awarded at the National FFA Convention and Expo each year to less than one percent of FFA members making it one of the organization’s highest honors.”
Wayne FFA recently had five students attend the National FFA Convention to receive their American FFA Degrees. The convention was held in Indianapolis this year. In order of left to right, Amy Ewing, Brandon Gassman, Chey Homman, Sarah Kelly and Morgan Knust all received their American FFA Degrees this year for their hard work and dedication to their Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE).
Amy Ewing’s SAE programs were Rabbit Production and Cattle Production.
Brandon Gassman’s SAE programs were Hunting and Trapping, and Beef Cattle Production.
Chey Homman’s SAE programs were Sheep Production and Cattle Production.
Sarah Kelly’s SAE was Food Service Production.
Morgan Knust’s SAE was Food Service Production.
SAE programs can be several different types. There are two that are most common: ownership/entrepreneurship and placement/internship. However there are also research, exploratory, school-based enterprise and service-learning SAE programs.
Ownership/entrepreneurship SAE programs mean that a student will start their own business or enterprise. The student makes the management decisions and owns the equipment and supplies as well. They assume the financial risks associated with running a business/enterprise. All of the products and/or services must be agriculturally related.
Placement/internship SAE programs entail exactly what they state, placement of students in businesses. The business must be agriculture, food or natural resource-related. The purpose of a placement/internship SAE is to give the students a “learning by doing” experience.
As for the rest of the SAE program types, for more information please visit