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Last Updated: Nov 13th, 2017 - 09:23:12

Allerton City Councils Gets Good News About Sewer Project
By Alex Foltz
Nov 13, 2017, 09:22

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The Allerton City Council met on Nov. 7, with the call to order at 5:30 p.m. All council members except Ben Anderson and Jake Reed were present. The agenda had items to discuss the sewer project as well as discussion with the city members, among other items.
The agenda was motioned for approval by Galen Lunsford, seconded by Kenny Jellison. The motion passed unanimously.
Adam Hysell moved to approve the minutes and the treasurer’s report. Lunsford seconded the motion, motion passed unanimously.
Hysell moved to allow the unpaid bills, with Jellison seconding the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
There were no visitors to bring forward any issues.
The council spoke with the city crewmembers present. There was discussion of lights going up after Thanksgiving on the light poles. They are now ready to go up. The city has the sprayer, however they are currently waiting on parts. There was discussion about using the sprayer this winter to spray for ice. A 30-gallon drum of the ice-melt would cost $179. The city crew estimates that the town could be done with about three drums. The roads so far have been well maintained.
The discussion of the sewer project revealed that the state has accepted the city’s survey. The survey’s results jumped from 50.5 percent to 77 percent. The state’s minimum is 51 percent to qualify. The city will not apply for this project until April 2018, however it was discussed applying in January 2018. Either way, the project of lining the sewer pipes to keep them warm would probably not start until fall 2018.
The other business discussed was that the Maston property paperwork had come in and the city is just waiting on it to go through. The Adams property responded to the letter they received and removed the trash. It was also mentioned that any property the city owns and wants to destroy must be hauled to the landfill, according to the DNR. If the city wants to burn down a property, they must first have the asbestos checked and the shingles removed. However the ash would still be required to be hauled to the landfill. The next item of discussion was that Ross Blount wants $4,000 an acre for his land for the extension of the cemetery. Blount has already had a survey completed and the land area is just less than two acres. Blount also wants the city to pay for the survey and fencing. The city council decided to go ahead with the project.
The next meeting of the city council was set for Dec. 5 at 5:30 p.m.