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Last Updated: Apr 9th, 2018 - 10:41:42

Corydon Specialty Care receives award for meeting high quality goals
By Melody Keilig
Apr 9, 2018, 10:21

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At Care Initiatives’ Corydon Specialty Care, no day goes exactly the same but Administrator Markie McElvain says that’s what she loves about the job.

“I never do the same thing twice,” she says.

McElvain’s job as administrator involves overseeing the building and the usual office work, but she also takes the time to ensure she is giving residents plenty of attention by serving breakfast, visiting with them, and asking about their needs every day.

She began working at the facility three years ago and was the office manager for a year and a half before going back to school to receive her masters degree in Health Care Administration. She has been the full-time administrator at Corydon Specialty Care for six months now.

Running a 24-hour seven days a week resident care facility is a lot of work, but the staff makes those sacrifices of missing holidays and family time for the residents. It also makes the family of residents feel better about having their loved ones at the facility.

Recently, Corydon Specialty Care was one of the recipients of the 2017 American Health Care Association (AHCA) National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) Quality Initiative Recognition award. The program recognizes care facilities that meet a certain number of AHCA Quality Initiative goals.

The facility’s employees include CNAs who do the most in directly caring for the residents, LPNs who cover medical treatments of residents, RNs are the nurses who do regular check ups, the dietary department is made of the cooks that prepare and make meals, housekeeping handles cleaning the residents’ rooms and other areas in the building, a coordinator and assistant who think of activities the residents will enjoy, such as playing Bingo and card games, a social worker, and an office manager.

“Everything I do in this office and outside of it relies on everyone else. There’s no job that I do here alone,” McElvain says, “It takes every single one of our staff members to keep this place running.”

The staff at Corydon Specialty Care is well known for putting in extra care for their residents. McElvain says the staff is there for the residents before their paychecks because of the tight-knit bonds that form between them. McElvain feels that the residents become like their extended family and give the love back to the staff for their dedication.

“Every day, I get to walk into this building and hug another grandparent. They are all our grandparents,” she says, “That’s my morning routine. It’s not about checking my emails, it’s about the ‘hellos,’ and ‘how are you?’”

By talking regularly with the residents, the residents become close to the staff and more vocal to bring up any concern. “We troubleshoot through small talk and make it a better experience for them.”

With their dedication to the residents, Corydon Specialty Care has earned their positive reputation through their hard work, busy schedules and authentic love for the people they serve every day.