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Last Updated: Apr 9th, 2018 - 11:29:10

City of Corydon passes several ordinances
By Melody Keilig
Apr 9, 2018, 11:25

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The Corydon City Council meeting was called to order. The audience gave their attention to Nicole Danna of Crisis Intervention Services. She needed a proclamation to declare April as Sexual Assault Awareness month. The proclamation was given.

Next up was Martha Comfort, also from Crisis Intervention Services, to get a proclamation to declare April as Child Abuse Awareness month. The proclamation was given.

The 10-minute open forum brought Malisha Hagan on behalf of Produce Properties forward to discuss the building on State Street, the old Murphy’s building, and the amount of stuff on the south side of the building. The space wants to be open for retail again and permission was needed to move the meters. In order to move the meters, the residents asked for the meters to move to a different pole. The motion was approved.

Next were several ordinances to be considered. Ordinance 332 to amend the City of Corydon’s zoning ordinance for the purpose of including funeral homes as a permitted use in the C1 district. The motion was carried.

Ordinance 333 to establish civil citations and penalties for municipal infractions. The motion was carried.

Ordinance 334 to require permits for beehives in the City of Corydon. Motion made for permit of $5 a beehive, $20 yearly. The motion was suspended until the next meeting.

Ordinance 335 to prohibit exterior solid fuel from fire heated devices. The motion was carried.

Wayne High School Art Club requested permission to close one block of Jackson Street on Friday, May 11 for “Art on the Street.” The motion was carried.

Alley Cat Sports Bar & Lounge needed their liquor license renewed. The motion was carried.

Discussion of good cause businesses included the second floor of the library being shored up. Grants for bricks to make the structure stronger are pending. Building site for the new lagoon building on Rathbun is ready after readings were made and issues fixed. Work session is April 11 at 6p.m.

Motion was carried to approve the minutes and treasurers report. Motion was carried to allow the unpaid and prepaid bills.

City Clerk Ann Stevenson said Spring Clean Up Day will be Thursday, April 26.
Police Chief and Fire Department representative said their dinner went well. The department did four controlled burns. The three that took the Firefighter 1 class all passed.

The next meeting was set for Wednesday, April 18 at 7 p.m.