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Last Updated: Apr 16th, 2018 - 11:23:53

Volunteers and businesses contribute to Corydon Golf Course
By Melody Keilig
Apr 16, 2018, 11:04

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Shivvers, Inc., donated all new signage to the Corydon Golf Course recently and Lockridge Lumber, Inc. donated the posts for the new signs. Show above are, left to right: Nate Chase, Jon Tormo, Carl Shivvers, John Clark, all employees of Shivvers, golf club president Brian Draper, Wayne Golf Coach Kim Hicks and golf club vice president Brock Draper. Photo by Rhonda Bennett

The Corydon Golf club is a board of volunteers who keep the golf course running. They do maintenance, such as mowing, picking sticks off the green, cleaning the tee cups and more. Businesses have also donated their time, as well as equipment, to get the job done.

Brian Draper, president of the board, and his son, Brock Draper, vice president of the board, keep everyone organized, hold meetings and do maintenance work themselves. They say they didn’t want anything to happen to the golf course, so joining the board and volunteering was well worth it.

Both enjoy golfing and have years of experience, but they encourage anyone to play the game.

“Golfing is such a lifetime sport, a lot of people in the community enjoy it.” says Denise Draper, who also volunteers to keep the course running. “It’s good for the community and good for people.”

The Drapers are grateful to all of the help the golf club has received and credit not only the volunteers who have put in the hard work, but also the businesses that have donated to the effort.

Last summer, Josh Cobb of C&C Construction helped dig out an overgrown pond with other volunteers who took the loads away with dump trucks. Recently, the golf course received new signs for each hole from Shivvers Manufacturing and Lockridge donated new posts for the signs.

To help with the cost of keeping up with the course, the golf club has had several tournaments and plan to have more throughout the year. In October, they had their first annual “Chilly” tournament to raise money for the course with a great turnout and many businesses donated door prizes.

The City of Corydon crew and employees have also been a large part of taking care of the course.

Because of the dedication to keep the course going, they have come up with some new ideas to get more of the community playing.

The golf club once had a couple’s league that later died out, but the Drapers want to get it started up again. They came up with the idea of having Couple’s Night, which is scheduled for May 6 at 5 p.m., and then it will be held every Sunday. The nights will be completely just for fun, so any skill level is welcome to join and play.

If Couple’s Night is a success, Brian Draper hopes to get the women’s league started up again.

He adds that the golf course is a good place for beginners, intermediates and advanced players. Even if you don’t want to join in on a game right away, he says the course is a good place to walk around. The end goal is to make the golf course a fun and enjoyable place for everyone.

The golf club is well connected to the community with a Facebook page that provides updates and more information about upcoming tournaments and other events, as well as posts thanking the businesses and community for their help.

“We are very thankful for the volunteers and their efforts,” Brian Draper says, “the businesses that provide are also very crucial to the golf course.”

With the time, energy and work of keeping the golf course open, it has become a community volunteer effort where anyone can pitch in to help whether it’s donating equipment or keeping the green looking nice all season. At the Corydon Golf Club, everyone plays an important part.