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Supervisors accept pictometry proposal
By Melody Keilig
Apr 16, 2018, 11:24

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At the April 9 Supervisorís meeting, the agenda was adopted and the minutes were approved. The claims were also approved.

Denise Hook of Prairie Trails Fitness Center came to the meeting to discuss the matter of the Fitness Center the supervisors went over last meeting and decided to hold off on a decision. Hook said that the wrong information had been given out and wanted to correct the record.

She said that the center did not cost $6,000 a year for the taxpayers, but $5,425 a year. Hook also said she wanted to make sure it was clear that the center was not built to help lower health insurance of residents, but that by residents using the fitness center, they could see lower costs on their health coverage.

The supervisors reached an agreement to support the Prairie Trails Fitness Center with $4,000 a year and the motion carried.

Bill Byrns of Emergency Management spoke next about the radios being reprogrammed in the county. In the last meeting, he talked about how the radios were static in some areas and he was working on getting those issues resolved. He then said he was waiting on a propone tank to be delivered for a generator south of town.

Byrns also brought a proposal from Ryan Poots of EagleView Technologies about a pictometry proposal. While discussing the costs, Byrns said he wanted everyone to know that they have several partners that financially contribute to the aerial photographing and measurement service. The supervisors agreed to a lower cost. The motion carried.

Angie Horton, Recorder for Wayne County, brought replies from questions she had asked Eagle Software regarding switching over to it.

The next topic was the Wayne County Farm and how to work on improving it. Supervisor Duffy Kester said that at the moment, the situation with Chad King and his attorney are settled and the lease of the farm is with King for at least one more year.

Trevor Wolf, County Engineer, said that the County Line Bridge should be open soon. He also brought a petition from a resident who wants to vacate 45th Street, sections 10 and 15 in Jefferson Township. The resident owns the entire stretch except one part. A public hearing is needed to go over the request so the other residents can have an input in the situation. The motion was carried for the public hearing to be held. The hearing is scheduled for Monday, April 23 at 10 a.m. in the Supervisor room.

Public comments were about the Department of State raising the passport execution fee from $25-$35. It went into affect April 2.

The meeting was then adjourned.