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Last Updated: May 14th, 2018 - 09:45:27

Iowa Artist's work on display at Corydon State Bank
May 14, 2018, 09:37

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Karen Johnson is the artist of
paintings from Grand River, Iowa.
She was born and raised in Iowa,
and semi retired to a farm in Grand
River in 1995. She spent most of her
adult life all over the U.S. In Karenís
travels, she saw the beauty of life
and her surroundings. In 1974, Karen
started to paint and took a couple of
classes in Seattle, WA and hasnít
stopped painting since.

Karen wanted to express how she
saw the world through her eyes, heart,
and soul. She wants people to see
the true beauty past all of the turmoil
and chaos of the world, and see the
U.S. in all its glory. Whether it be
mountains, oceans, cities, Middle
America, animals or people, she
tries to inspire beauty in them all.
Karen comes up with a thought, a
vision, and paints the picture. You
fi nish the story with your emotions.
Karen has been teaching classes
in the Clarke County area and is
a member of the Clarke Area Arts
Her website is (http://www.

Corydon State Bank is pleased
to welcome artist Karen Johnsonís
display from Grand River for the
month of May. WAYCO Arts Council
coordinates these display events.