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Last Updated: May 14th, 2018 - 10:52:30

Wayne Community School’s Junior High Girl’s Track Team success at state track meet in Ankeny
By Melody Keilig
May 14, 2018, 09:46

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Wayne Community School’s Jr. High Girl’s Track team. Front row: Devyn Davis, Maddy Wood, Abigayle Henderson, Morgan Knutson and Emily Jones. Back row: Chandler Randolph, Reese Brown and Jocelyn Marquis.

On May 5, junior high track girls went to a state track meet in Ankeny to represent Wayne Community School and their athletic abilities.

One of the girls, Emily Jones, became the state champion in discus in the eighth grade small school division with the farthest throw of 92’6. Jones was also placed at third overall for the shot put.

Jones says she’s been working on her discus throw since track last year, where she won in seventh grade division discus. She also had the farthest discus throw in the first track meet of the year.

“I watched a few videos of people online, out of college,” Jones says when asked about how she learned more about how to properly throw the discus. “I had to work on a lot of fundamental things, so I’d go in the circle and spin without a disc and do that a lot,” she says.

Her father, Mike Jones, says that the biggest thing to work on is the release of the discus out of the hand, which does not come naturally and relies on muscle memory.

“Whatever it’s been, she would work at it,” he says, “so last year, people see her throw but they don’t see at practice how she always rolls the discus to me thirty or forty times before we even start doing anything just to get that muscle memory down and making sure it’s coming out of her hand the right way.”

Jones then practiced a standing throw, a half spin, a modified spin and then a whole spin.

Overall, the team did well and placed as follows: Reese Brown placed fifth in the long jump and Abigayle Henderson placed 17th in the open 100 meter dash. The distance medley team, made up of Morgan Knuston, Devyn Davis, Reese Brown and Jocelyn Marquis placed eighth. Knutson also placed 18th in the 100 meter hurdles. Maddy Wood was placed 12th in the mile and 14th in the 800 meter dash. The sprint medley team made up of Knutson, Henderson, Davis and Brown placed ninth and the 4x400 team, of Henderson, Davis, Marquis and Brown placed eighth.

With the excitement of the track season, Wayne Community School will continue cheering on the teams and recognizing the students’ accomplishments.