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Residency requirement reinstated
By Shelda Lunsford
Sep 7, 2012, 15:42

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Wayne County Board of Supervisors met Aug. 27 with several items on the agenda, including correcting a portion of the employee handbook that had been accidentally deleted during a prior printing. Effective Aug. 27 all county employees will be required to be Wayne County residents. This section was inadvertently left out and has once again been re-inserted into the handbook.
The board found themselves in the position of having to approve an extension for the hazard mitigation grant, which is being handled by Chariton Valley Planning and Development. CVPD did not get the required paperwork finished in the allotted time and has forced the supervisors into agreeing to the extension.
Supervisors learned from the county engineer that plans are in place to seek price quotes for a skid loader for secondary roads, fill the worst potholes and bumps in the county hard surface roads; more minor sections will be filled next year, and one bridge, located on Raccoon Road over Nine-Mile Creek will be reworked in the near future.
The board discussed the 28E agreement they currently have with the Wayne Community School and agreed that their hands were tied until more information was forthcoming. It is the duty of the supervisors to make choices that have a positive impact for the entire county. They are responsible for making choices that pertain to liability issues countywide as well as maintaining the integrity of the Wayne County Fair. They agreed they need specific information from both the school board and the fair board before they can make a decision that has the potential to impact the entire county. It was also voiced that there needs to be more than a one-sided conversation with residents county-wide, to see what people want going forward at the county-owned property where both the fair and Wayne Community School athletic events are held. There seems to be a discrepancy between what the board of supervisors has asked for and what the school board has presented. As supervisor chairperson offered, “ This is not going to be a quickly resolved issue. For those who are looking for a speedy resolution, they will be greatly disappointed. There are many pieces to this issue that has no easy fix. All the pieces must be in place before a decision can be made.” Alley concluded by saying, “This is going to take time and we cannot vote on something that does not currently exist.”
Bids will be accepted for rental of the county farm; supplies and applications will need to be purchased within the county by the winning bidder.
Courthouse custodian, Danny Coffey, presented a plan that would exchange the current lighting system in the courthouse for an updated and much more efficient plan than is currently being used. The new measure would realize a 50 percent savings on utility costs in less than one year. The board told Coffey to continue by contacting a local electrician to find out what labor costs would be for the project before proceeding.
One resident county park user attended the meeting to file a complaint against one of the Wayne County Conservation board members. The park user said one of the conservation board members had refused to move his parked vehicle from the middle of the road leading to the campsites at Moore-Gosch Park. The vehicle was not allowing campers to pass. After repeated efforts to get the conservation board member to move his vehicle, the park user left the park. He told the board of supervisors it was a very poor example to people who wanted to camp at the county parks. The supervisors commended the park user for coming forward and making the complaint publicly.
Public Health director Sharon Rash was asked to attend the meeting to explain a couple of claims that had been turned in to the county and while there Rash asked the board to approve Public Health’s preparedness planning and dispensing plan, which they did.
The board also voted to remove Dr. Miles, the current medical coordinator member for Public Health because of lack of attendance at meetings and replace him with Dr. Joel Wells.
The board moved to table issues concerning tax abatement for Allerton and for Seymour until a future meeting.