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Conservation board ties up year-end duties
By Shelda Lunsford
Dec 25, 2012, 15:55

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At a meeting that was more discussion than decision the Wayne County Conservation Board worked hard to make sure all unfinished business for 2012 was nearing completion.
The state auditor sent a request for conservation to set up a procedure for recording mileage and gas usage by conservation employees. When the topic arose at the meeting, it was discovered conservation was already in compliance; recordkeeping methods were already being observed. Conservation members gave a collective sigh of relief and moved on to other business.
County elk came under discussion. Inquiries from county residents were answered with the information there is a plan in place to distribute corn to them in a regular fashion, a hay bale ring has been provided as a gift from a person wishing to remain anonymous and a donation of good quality hay has been delivered. The only remaining concern for this season is the water supply and the board is considering an insulated tank system that can be operated by solar power. A power source has also been offered and the board has only to decide if the tank is a viable alternative to spending a winter without a pond for the elk.
Estimates continue to be gathered for work on both the shelter house and shower/storm shelter for Bobwhite Park. A decision concerning design of the construction will be determined by the next regular meeting.
Medicine Creek Wetlands was discussed. An issue concerning hay harvested from the location has been passed on to the county attorney, to be sure the county is in compliance with the donors. A full manuscript will be provided to the attorney in the near future so that any questions that arise going forward can be addressed prior to any decision made by conservation.
The Conservation Board recently placed an ad in local newspapers for a conservation director. They received multiple applications for the position. Upon further review it has been determined that the ad was inadvertently placed too soon and should have been posted in February 2013, after the Wayne County Board of Supervisors has approved the conservation budget for FY2013. The applications already received will be kept on file and considered once the budget process is over. Because there was no closing date for application, citizens are still eligible to apply for the position, which may be offered as either part or full time, depending on what the board decides is best for the county.
Conservation is seeking individuals who are interested in more than 20 dead trees, which need to be removed from Corydon Lake Park. They are advising anyone interested in more information to call 641-873-4670, which is the conservation office number. Advertising will also be placed in local newspapers providing more detail about the trees.
The board will meet again to finalize their budget request for FY2013.