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Supervisors deal with dump truck
By Shelda Lunsford
Apr 23, 2013, 07:56

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The first item on the agenda for the Wayne County Supervisors when they met April 15 was with representatives of the district court, to learn safety measures for the courthouse and those who work there. This is not the first meeting, but a continuation of measures to ensure the safety of both building and those who enter or work there.
County Assessor Kay Middlebrook presented an additional three properties to the supervisors for tax abatement. The properties were in process when previous abatements had been granted and the request was made in order to finish the list of properties for which owners were seeking construction abatements.
Representatives of MDI Insurance Services were on hand to give a county review as well as present a capital refund check in the amount of $12,037. The amount reflects the county’s share of membership portion. The supervisors were told this amount should go up as interest rates increase in the next few years.
The county has also received a check from WRD Landfill to be distributed for recycle purposes. The board signed a resolution to receive and use the money. No decision has yet been made how to portion the money throughout the county.
County Engineer Trevor Wolf presented a request to replace a county dump truck, which was totaled as the result of a roadway accident. The supervisors approved the purchase and reminded Wolf to complete a follow up physical for the employee who had been involved in the accident.
The supervisors signed the Wayne County Title VI Program, which is the Equal Opportunity Employee act and guarantees all individuals are given fair and equal hiring practices.
Patching contacts are scheduled to be let for July for concrete joint sealing on hard surface roads. Patching contracts will also be let for countywide repair.
Public Health director Sharon Rash and associate Deidre Buttz presented an update on a wellness grant and how the funds are being used. Rash also asked for a budget amendment increase for fiscal year 14.
Trees were cut along the road right-of-way on Timber Road and one property owner was not happy about the cutting and the debris left in their yard. Pictures of the worksite were displayed, with the property owner stating a verbal conversation had been violated between them and the county engineer. An accusation toward the Secondary Road manager, that instruction from the engineer had not been followed, was the reason for the disagreement. The supervisors will make a visit to the site to inspect and see what can be accomplished by further discussion with the property owner.
Boards and commissions attended: Bill Alley—WRD Landfill, MDL regarding benefit insurance and EBS Health Insurance; John Sellers—Rathbun Land and Water Alliance, SIDCA and NRCS soil survey; Duffy Kester—two EBS Health Insurance meetings, county roads inspection and inspected county tubes.
The next meeting is scheduled for April 29, at 9 a.m., in the supervisors’ office, in the