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Allerton council gets down to business
By Jason Selby
Aug 13, 2013, 06:50

The Allerton City Council thanked Danny Stewart for all of his years of service. Aug. 6 was his last day.
Mayor Doug Downs suggested that since the truck that hauls recycling to Centerville gets paid at 50 cents a mile, which is low for a truck, the driver should fill up beforehand and afterward at First Stop.
It was recommended the one-ton sanding truck be tuned up, specifically exhaust, brakes and trailer lights. Larry Jackson’s services were suggested.
The backhoe had a hydraulic leak. Mowing is going as planned, with the cemetery finished and the sickle-bar mower running again. A few tree limbs had been cut, the shop was cleaned up and potholes patched.
Updating ordinances was also discussed, since some on record are probably from the 60s. Rob Davis advised revision of ordinances every three years.
Downs asked the council its opinion on whether DairiConcepts would be splitting off from the city sewer, and at what rate they would then be charged. “My feeling,” Downs said, “is that it should be the same as residential rates—that’s what First Stop and the [Allerton Lumberyard] pay.”
Davis announced he would not be on the ballot for council again. The other members urged him good-naturedly to stay. Galen Lunsford informed the board he would be running. Mayor Downs is also running again, saying, “We’re not quite done.”
The next regular meeting of the Allerton City Council is scheduled for Sept. 10 at 6 p.m.

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