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Allerton council discusses improving roads, safety
By Jennifer Pruiett-Selby
Sep 17, 2013, 09:57

At the September meeting of the Allerton City Council, discussion immediately focused on the road conditions, matters of public safety, and a few houses that need to be demolished.

There was some concern about the budget, since $23,000 has already been spent this fiscal year. Mayor Doug Downs recommended council “keep an eye on the total.”

A John Deere mower was repaired and a $1,681 loan was approved for the purchase of a dump truck.

The city is considering the purchase of a 2003 Ford F-350 1-ton flatbed snowplow. Larry Jackson inspected the truck and determined it to be sound. The city received $2,500 for scrap metal and, combined with revenue from the sale of two other trucks, council believes the purchase of the new truck is possible. The sander (mentioned at the last meeting) will be fitted onto the new truck.

Preparations for the Allertonworld Fair are proceeding as planned. The ball field has been mowed, and the rock has been cleared from the sidewalks.
Because of theft, money has to be taken out of the pop machine daily. This machine is a good source of revenue for the City of Allerton.

“You’ll definitely make money on it, especially if you raise it to $2 a bottle,” said Heather Hackney.

DNR inspections reported rotten posts at both lagoons.

Bill Buss from Allerton Gas Company talked about complying with U.S. pipeline safety regulations. Buss said the first goal should be to educate public in how to recognize the odor of natural gas, as awareness of such will save lives. He also pointed out how the One Call system has brought attention to the need to check where existing pipelines are located before any kind of excavation work is begun. This also helps excavators and contractors avoid third-party damage lawsuits. He’d like to see first responders and fire department trained in gas recognition, and the public to be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Buss said, “We have a very good safety record.”

There have been no pipeline emergencies in 20 years, and Allerton passes inspections by the Iowa Utilities Board that are run every other year.

“Alan’s probably the best gas man I’ve see in this town,” said Rob Davis.

Agenda for the next meeting will include resolution from the fire department.

“Let’s make sure it’s done right. Let’s make it an ordinance,” said Mayor Downs.

The next regular meeting of the Allerton City Council is scheduled for Oct. 8 at 6 p.m.

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