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Supervisors pass seatbelt and security resolutions
By Chris Schultz
Oct 2, 2017, 09:46

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors met Sept. 25 with all members present. County Auditor Tammy Clark told the board about a Final Equalization Notice from the Iowa Department of Revenue stating there were no adjustments on properties in Wayne County. Clark noted while there had not been any changes for the past three or four years, things will probably go up next year according to the government. Clark went on to explain that the state simplified things because the state was taxing people on their homes and then on the land around the home, but now they have combined them. While “it makes everyone think, boy it went up, but it is just combined,” Clark stated.
The board turned its attention to a resolution stating all courthouse security and safety was confidential information and employees of the courthouse were not allowed to discuss courthouse security outside of the courthouse walls. Clark added of the security changes which had been discussed at the board’s first meeting in January had been completed. This list included putting chains on the west courthouse doors and a new push bar door with a time lock on the south end. Chairman David Dotts adamantly said, “On off hours, there is no reason for anyone to be on the third floor, none.” The board unanimously approved the resolution.
County Treasurer Kim Swearingin discussed with the board an abatement letter she had received from the City of Allerton asking for abatement of $410 in current taxes as well for any future taxes. The board approved the abatement with the condition once the property left the ownership of the City of Allerton, it would return to the tax roll.
County Engineer Trevor Wolf gave the board an update on a number of things. Mowing was still in full swing, the work on 200th street was completed and they were going to move to driveways and pipes in order to finish the year out. Wolf also stated starting this week, they will be changing from four 10-hour days to five eight-hour days
David Eckles of Promise City came before the board to complain about the lack of grass cutting at the Promise City Cemetery, stating at one point it looked like a hayfield, until Eckles had contacted Dale Clark about the state of the cemetery, before it was mowed. Supervisor Duffy Kestor mentioned he also had been contacted about the issue. He told Clark about another company for Clark to contact in order to have them mow the cemetery. Sellers stated “the whole bunch of people who are on the Pioneer Cemetery Board, which Clark is a member of, are so dedicated.”
Clark explained to the board about authorizing a new credit card for county use as well as a second card for miscellaneous expenses from Great Western Bank. The board unanimously approved the authorization of the cards.
The board discussed a resolution about seatbelt usage for those who work for Wayne County. Kestor questioned why the county needed two policies, one for secondary roads and one for everyone else. Wolf explained the reason for two policies was because secondary roads, “operates equipment that other departments don’t,” such as bulldozers and excavators. Dotts agreed with Wolf stating most county employees would be driving cars. Kestor quickly countered saying, “A seatbelt is a seatbelt and when you put your butt down on it, you attach your seatbelt.” The board also asked how much older equipment secondary roads had which may not have seatbelts. Wolf responded the two D-8 bulldozers did not, but they had not been used in all of the time he had been there, and he wasn’t sure about the cranes, but they were looking into those, everything else did. After further discussion about the wording of the resolution, the board voted to approve the resolution and add it to the employee handbook.
The next board meeting will be Oct. 9 at 9 a.m.

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