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Board of Supervisors Hold First 2018 Meeting
By Alex Foltz
Jan 8, 2018, 09:29

The first regular meeting of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors was held Jan. 2, being called to order at 9:02 a.m. John Sellers, II, and David Dotts were present. Duffy Kester was absent.
The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Sellers moved to adopt the agenda. Dotts seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
Sellers moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Dotts seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
Sellers moved to approve the claims. Dotts seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
Bill Byrns had nothing to report.
Angie Horton, Wayne County Recorder, stated she had received a quote for the scanning software for $8,500 to $11,600. The maintenance fee would increase from $1,000/yr. to over $3,000/yr. These figures are accurate if the system stays on the same server it is on. If it moves to the cloud, it is more expensive. Horton stated she would prefer it stays on the same server it is on. The approximate cost of upgrading the Eagle software would be $36,600. Part of this cost is to replace a cash register with a computer in order to print receipts. The software would also interface with the rest of the courthouse, such as the treasurer, auditor and assessorís offices. This would also save paper costs. Sellers and Dotts both agreed that these upgrades are necessary. Horton stated she would get more information and present it at the Jan. 16 meeting so that a final decision may be made.
Sellers moved to approve the new employment application for Wayne County positions. Dotts seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
Trevor Wolf, Wayne County Engineer, stated that the right of way for 110th had been purchased. Wolf also mentioned that a new belly dump would be required, as the old one has rusted out and has simply been patched together. He has a quote from CAT, but will get another quote. The current quote is $43,000. The old one would be either sold at auction or traded off. Sellers inquired about the current items set aside for auction. Wolf said there are some old bridge planks and caps that can be auctioned off. Wolf also stated that Ringgold County wants to buy Wayne Countyís two scrapers that the county no longer has a use for, at a sum of $20,000. Wolf thinks that $50,000 is a more accurate price. The Board stated that $20,000 was not enough for the scrapers. Wolf then mentioned getting an intern this summer, which the Board seemed to be onboard with.
There were no public comments.
Sellers moved to adjourn the meeting. Dotts seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 a.m.
The next regular meeting will be held Jan. 16.

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