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Board of Supervisors Adopt New Return to Work Policy
By Alex Foltz
Jan 22, 2018, 13:54

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors met Jan. 16, in the Wayne County Courthouse. All members were present, with the meeting being called to order by chairman Dave Dotts at 9:03 a.m.
The meeting opened with all individuals present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
John Sellers, II, moved to approve the agenda. Duffy Kester seconded. Motion passed.
Kester moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Sellers seconded. Motion passed.
Sellers moved to approve the claims. Kester seconded. Motion passed.
Bill Byrns had nothing to report.
Angie Horton, county recorder, updated the board on the software upgrade. The upgrade would include a five-year agreement at a rate of $6,685 per year. Horton stated that this amount includes the various upgrades that would become available over the five-year period. It would also include the license fees as well as some smaller items. County auditor Tammy Clark clarified that this will tie all of the offices together on the computers.
Clark stated, “It will be a huge asset to the people.”
The cost to set the system up is $34,650, which does not include the new computer to replace Horton’s cash register, as she is willing to forego the new computer. Clark brought forward the costs of the current system and presented them to the board. Kester then asked Horton about some items on the proposed software bills, with Horton clarifying some of the questions Kester had. Horton stated she would check on the other items. Horton also suggested having the board meet face-to-face with the individual that is providing the upgrade, a man from Ames. The board agreed to meet with him at a later date.
Bonnie Friend of the Naturalist Program then gave an update for the board. Friend stated that some letters had come in as support of the program. The program will also be meeting with the Wayne, Seymour and Mormon Trail schools on Jan. 29. A total of 18 people have applied for the naturalist position. This position will be shared with Appanoose County. The person hired would be an Appanoose County employee, working for Wayne County at a quarter-time. This is not confirmed as of yet. Clark mentioned it could be in the best interest of the county to put the naturalist on the county payroll. Kester asked how the insurance for this potential employee would work, as they would be driving from Appanoose County to Wayne County. Friend said that the employee would drive a personal vehicle to Bobwhite State Park, where they would then fall under the county insurance. Kester expressed disapproval of how the insurance would be potentially handled. Sellers and Dotts approved of the plan.
County treasurer Kim Swearingin brought forth a request from the City of Allerton, requesting tax abatement on parcel #10100C253003. This property is abandoned and owes taxes from 2012-16. The total amount, with the Jan. penalty, is $2,526. Allerton also requested abatement on any future taxes on the property. Kester moved to abate the Allerton property. Sellers seconded. Motion passed.
Swearingin also brought forth a request for approval of a purchase of two filing cabinets for her office. The desired ones are $598. Sellers moved to approve the purchase of two filing cabinets for the treasurer’s office. Kester seconded. Motion passed.
Trevor Wolf gave an update on the secondary roads, stating that no salt had been put on the roads on Jan. 15 after the morning hours, as blowing winds and frigid temperatures could freeze the salt. More quotes had been received for the belly dump, but not all had yet been received. This item will be discussed at the next meeting.
Wolf then discussed the return to work policy he had put together. Wolf had used a “template” that the state had provided. Wolf mentioned he did add “and to follow physician’s recommendations” to his draft of the policy. Kester asked if the department heads were aware that the policy required them to keep a file on each employee, which would have to be kept separate in order to keep within HIPPA guidelines. Wolf stated that he had received positive feedback from the sheriff’s department and from the public health department. Kester moved to adopt the return to work policy. Sellers seconded. Motion passed. Sellers and Kester then thanked Wolf for putting the policy together.
Wolf mentioned a new health care policy that he was working on. Wolf stated he added a line to the policy that addressed sending an injured employee to the closest hospital in the event of a life-threatening injury. Dotts suggested Wolf make a map that shows the response times of the surrounding hospitals at various locations in the county. This item was added to the agenda for the next meeting.
For public comments, Kester had some items he mentioned. Kester stated that the group home needs repainted as well as sidewalks repaired. Grants are being researched to fund this. Kester also stated that some complaints had been received about the road graders leaving rows of snow in the road, which could possibly freeze solid. This issued was resolved. Kester then stated that Sewal does not get snow cleared fast enough. Kester did state that a private skid steer had been used to clear snow, but the rock that is lost is almost impossible to recover. Kester finished by mentioning that the floodplains continue to have houses built in them. Dotts stated a schoolhouse had been built in the floodplain. Sellers said that the issue would have to be addressed at a later date.
Sellers moved to adjourn the meeting. Kester seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10:57 a.m.

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