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Public Hearing held at Supervisor's Meeting
By Melody Keilig
May 14, 2018, 09:35

At the May 7 Supervisorís
Meeting, the agenda was adopted
and the minutes and claims were
approved. Wayne County Engineer
Trevor Wolf had two resolutions to
discuss. He started with Resolution
05-02-18 which was approved
and the motion carried. Next was
Resolution 05-01-18, regarding the
public hearing that would be held
at 10 a.m. later in the meeting. The
public hearing was for the vacating
of 45th Street and residents were
told about the hearing to voice their

Wayne County Sheriff Keith
Davis attended the meeting to
propose to use his budget to pay for
TVs for use by inmates of the county
jail. He said no taxpayer money
would be used. He also said he is
getting body cameras for his deputies
ordered. Each camera is $500 with
maintenance costs from $160-200 a
year and Davis said there is enough
Public hearing held at Supervisorís
Meeting in his budget to pay for them. The
supervisors in attendance, Duffy
Kester and David Dotts, agreed with
Davis that the body cameras should
be used.

Dotts had to leave for a meeting
in Centerville with their board of

The public hearing was opened at
10 a.m. and Todd Kucera, a resident
whose driveway is a half-mile down
the road from the street, spoke about
the county cutting the trees along
his driveway. He said he would not
mind 45th Street to be closed because
he would rather tend to his property.
Wolf said they had ground up the
trees that were sticking out into
the road but agreed that they didnít
look good afterwards. However, if
45th Street is closed, there would be
no city liability to tend to the trees.
Kucera was told that he would have
to maintain his section of the road
and he agreed with that condition.
Kester called Dotts to adjourn the

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