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Election results for Wayne County
By Melody Keilig
Jun 11, 2018, 09:29

The June 5 Primary Election results for 2018 remain unofficial. The votes recorded here are only Wayne County votes.

Board of Supervisors positions, Caleb Housh and John Sellers ran on the Democratic ticket. Housh received 37 votes and Sellers received 41. David Dotts and Tom Swearingin ran on the Republican ticket. Dotts received 29 votes and Swearingin received 21 votes.

The treasurer position had Kim Swearingin on the Republican ticket, running unopposed. Swearingin received 30 votes.

For the county recorder position, Angie Horton ran on the Democratic ticket and Michelle McMurry ran as a Republican. Horton received 49 votes and McMurry received 24 votes.

The position for County Attorney had Alan Wilson running unopposed as a Republican. Wilson received 26 votes.

The federal election results for District 2 also remain unofficial.
U.S. Representatives position, Congressman Dave Loebsack ran unopposed as a Democrat and received 45 votes. Christopher Peters ran as a Republican, also unopposed. Peters received 24 votes.

For governor, the Democratic candidates were Andrea Andy McGuire with four votes, John Norris with three votes, Ross Milburn with two votes, Nate Boulton with five votes, Cathy Glasson with five votes and Fred Hubbell with 31 votes. Hubbell will face current Governor Kim Reynolds in November for the position.
Governor Kim Reynolds ran unopposed as a Republican and received 26 votes.
Libertarian candidates for the position of governor were Jake Porter, who received two votes, and Macro Battaglia, who received no votes.

For the position of Secretary of State, Jim Mowrer and Deidre DeJear ran as Democrats challenging current Secretary of State, Paul D. Pate, who ran as a Republican. Mowrer received 27 votes, DeJear received 19 votes and Pate received 27 votes.

For Auditor of State, Rob Sand ran as a Democrat and current Auditor of State Mary Mosiman ran as a Republican. Sand received 38 votes and Mosiman received 24 votes.

The current Treasurer of State Michael L. Fitzgerald ran unopposed as a Democrat and received 50 votes.

For Secretary of Agriculture, five candidates including current Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, ran as Republican for the position. Naig received eight votes, while Dan Zumbach received one vote, Ray Gaesser received seven votes, Chad Ingels received three votes and Craig Lang received three votes. Tim Gannon ran as the only Democrat and received 41 votes. Gannon and Naig will face each other in November for the position.

Attorney General Tom Miller ran as a Democrat unopposed with 47 votes.
The candidates for State Representative were Richard Foster running as a Democrat and Joel Fry running as a Republican. Foster received 42 votes and Fry received 25 votes.

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