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Corydon City Council council has good news
By Willa Clark
Dec 11, 2012, 15:31

In and out, with good news to boot.
Thursday's Corydon City Council meeting was short, the council was "in and out," but part of that business was really good news.
The council considered pay applications for J.J. Westhoff Construction, the company that completed the pump station improvements in Corydon's wastewater system. This portion of the wastewater project came in under budget, which was great news, so the final pay application included a credit of $13,436.11, resulting in that amount taken off the final payment.
The council received bids for fuel for 2013, with Agriland FS submitting the lowest bid, at $2.85 for gasahol, $3.53 for No. 1 diesel and $3.23 for No. 2 diesel.
The bid for hauling rock and other materials went to Breuning Rock Products of Knoxville, with the price of products remaining the same and hauling increasing 50 cents per ton.
Corydon Mayor Rod Parham said he is getting complaints about demolition cars being parked in town. The council discussed the issue and directed Police Chief Allen Fry to talk with those who are not complying with city ordinance on the issue. Corydon currently has a city ordinance that all automobiles must be licensed, or be in a building or fence so they are not visible to the public.
The council approved a tax abatement for Jack and Jane Pershy under the Urban Revitalization Plan.
A liquor license renewal for Ludlow's Steakhouse and Lounge was approved.
City supervisor Dave Cusic reported completion of most of the updates to city hall requested by the city's insurance company, and lots of time spent repairing water leaks and water meters.
City clerk Ann Stevens said she is spending a lot of time looking at teh Wayne County Hazard Mitigation Plan, asked for a work session on Dec. 12 to discuss details of the recycling ordinance and the city's energy audit, and reported 18.29 hours of overtime at a cost of $450.60.
The next city council meeting is set for 7 p.m. Dec. 19.

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