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Houseclearing time for courthouse
By Shelda Lunsford
Mar 4, 2013, 12:53

When the Wayne County Board of Supervisors met Feb. 25, they learned the various office staff in the courthouse is ready to clear out items no longer used or needed by the county. Desks, storage racks, old computers and other electronics and a wide array of office “stuff” will be offered to the public. This is a practice that has happened in the past and is a way for those who use office space in the courthouse to keep the facility in a tidy condition. Even the sheriff’s office, which is not housed in the courthouse, is getting involved this time and has already moved some items and added them to the growing collection of things that will be offered for sale.
Mental Health coordinator Mendy Middlebrook presented Resolution 02-04-13 to the supervisors for approval. The resolution will allow Wayne County to continue in the current 28E agreement with South East Iowa Contracting Consortium.
An ad was approved for publication, offering the county farm for rent; certified letters have gone out to the three previous bidders who were interested in rental earlier in the year, as well as a certified letter to the current contract holder, informing all interested parties of the intention to rent by the supervisors. The restoration work and fence repair that concerned the supervisors, and which stopped the rent process earlier has been dealt with and the county is ready for the land to be leased under a two-year contract.
County engineer Trevor Wolf asked assistance in working with landowners who try to help by removing snow along county roads, using farm equipment. Wolf said he really appreciated the effort by those trying to help, but there were instances of more damage being created with the farm equipment than if the landowners would allow time for the county road equipment to do the job.
Wolf also reported the county will gain a new brush cutter to help keep the road banks cleared of brush, which will help alleviate the snow situation in the future.
A temporary easement will be sought on private property to allow the county to install a box culvert on a public roadway and another easement is being discussed to take care of an issue where a portion of a culvert will remain permanently on private property.
The board approved Resolution 01-11-13, dealing with acceptance to adopt the recommendations of the compensation board for elected officers.
Wayne County Sheriff Keith Davis discussed with the board the possibility of acquiring speed trailers to use in the county to help motor vehicle users recognize the speeds they gain while traveling the county.
Boards and commissions are as follows: Bill Alley—Tyler Tech presentation, recycle meeting, assessor’s comp board, RC&D, department head meetings, insurance meeting, two public health meetings, conservation and a meeting with Chariton Valley Planning and Development; John Sellers—E-911, public health, Tyler Tech, recycle, assessor’s comp. board and RC&D; Duffy Kester—Iowa public employees insurance pool annual meeting, county insurance meeting, two public health meetings, DCAT, two Tyler Tech meetings, recycle meeting, assessor comp board and Fifth Judicial meeting.
The next meeting is set for March 11, at 9 a.m., at the Wayne County Courthouse, in the supervisor’s office.

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