The Kiefer Family

Around a year ago Christian Kiefer and his father Kelly Kiefer began discussing the possibility of selling feed. With the nearest produce store over 20 miles away from the Corydon area they thought there was a demand for one closer to home.

“We talked about it, but were so busy the timing didn’t work out,” said Christian. “When Lauren and I sold our home and purchased the former S & S Veterinarian Services building we could see there was an opportunity for opening a feed store with there not being one nearby.”

“Our initial goal was to start a local family business that allowed us to work for ourselves,” said Lauren. “It was the inspiration behind this business.”

The Kiefer’s closed the sale on their home and new business location in mid-April. Their daughter Yvonnne was born just three days after the closing took place.

The Kiefer Feed & Farm store opened for business the week of June 25 and is one the whole family will be involved in. Four-year old Emmett has also become an entrepreneur with his egg selling business.

Emmett handles most of the chicken chores and egg gathering and will be offering them for sale at the feed store for $1.50 per dozen.

“I sell eggs, do you want to buy some eggs?” Emmett proudly asked. “Sometimes the chickens peck me but I’m a tough cowboy!”

The Kiefer’s currently offer Silver Moon Feed with Purina Feeds on order and set to arrive within the next week or two.

“So far people have been very happy with Silver Moon Feed they purchased for their cattle and the Silver Moon Canine Feed for dogs,” said Christian. “The Silver Moon Canine brand is a very healthy dog food.”

“We, my dad and I have been feeding our livestock cattle herd Silver Moon feed for around 12 years now, and we have had very good luck with it and that’s what made us decide to start with it,” Christian said. “They are also very great to work with.”

Also offered in store is horse tack, Farmer’s Brand hay net wrap, Crater Rack deer mineral, cattle mineral, gates, creep feeders, feed bunks, hay rings and a variety of feed for pets and livestock.

“We have food for every animal in Wayne County as far as chickens, goats, rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, ducks, every animal around we will have feed for,” Christian stated.

“We do want to emphasize the feed for pets,” Lauren added.

“Yes we aren’t just a farm store as we do offer pet feed,” said Christian.

“We have had a lot of positive feedback, not only about the quality of the feed we offer but also everyone we speak to is excited about us being a family-owned business. We are really thankful to be in Wayne Community where they support local businesses.”

“It used to be every town had a feed store and now you have your big corporation feed stores but not as many family-owned feed stores,” Christian added.

“We want to provide the friendly, personable service and experience for our customers,” said Lauren.

The Kiefer’s have plans to expand further into the farm supply side of the business with hopes to eventually add clothing, gardening options as well as other services.

“We are excited about all the opportunities we have with our new business and we have lots of ideas on ways to expand in the future,” said Christian.

Business hours set for the Kiefer Feed & Farm store are Tuesdays through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon. They will be closed on Sundays and Mondays and the upcoming Fourth of July holiday on Thursday, July 4. You can follow them on Facebook on the Kiefer Feed & Farm business page.






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