Jill Tueth and Roony of Snyder's in Humeston

The summer of Jill (Snyder) Tueth’s seventh grade year, she decided a babysitter would no longer be needed. Her mother agreed to her surprise, she just had no idea the catch behind it.

“That first day of school being out she was in my room at seven getting me up and she said if I wasn’t having someone watch me I was going to the store,” Tueth stated. “I was given to Maxine Fry and Dorris Porterfield that were two employees and they definitely taught me how to dust correctly, how to mark merchandise correctly and how to speak to customers correctly.”

That would be the first of many summers to follow where she would work and help out in her parents, Hoyt and Reva Snyder’s store on the main street in Humeston. Tueth worked summers during college as well as holidays.

Tueth felt she had her fill and spent 30 years in Seattle, Wash. with no plans of returning to Humeston or to the family namesake store.

“My husband, Lavern was from Washington, but he always wanted to be in Humeston,” Tueth laughed.

In 2003, following the passing of her father, she knew the store would be too much for her mother to continue alone. Not knowing what was ahead, Tueth was prepared to return back to Seattle within two years.

Originally opened as Snyder’s Jewelry May 30, 1949, the store has seen a variety of changes throughout the years. Location changes, store front additions as well as a bigger variety of shopping selection added.

When her father returned from WWII, they lived in Chicago, but he knew he wanted to return to the area as he was from Cambria and Reva from Humeston.

“It all began with the jewelry store and selling watches,” Tueth said. “They sold watches, china, crystal and silver and at night items would be locked up in the vault within the bank. The vault still to this day works and we have the combination to it.”

In 2006, she felt the store looked like there was hope for success after expanding the clothing selection for women. In 2007 the coffee shop opened.

“It took time to convince my husband we needed a kitchen store,” said Tueth. “A great salesman said to me, in good times and bad times kitchen items sell.”

Now offering a kitchen store, variety general store, men’s clothing, large selection of women’s clothing, Iowa Hawkeye and Iowa State Cyclone apparel and decor, a coffee shop, cards, seasonal holiday items and so much more, Snyder’s is one that has defied the odds of small town business with guests coming as far as England to visit and shop.

“I take no credit for this,” Tueth added. “The community has been so supportive and my parents created the wheel.

Whether coming to visit the store fixture Roony, a 14-year old cockapoo that is loved by all who meet him or coming for a ladies shopping trip, Snyder’s has something for everyone.

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