In a small community a coffee shop can be so many wonderful things. Whether it be a quick pit stop in the morning for that wake-you-up cup to get your day going, a saving grace in the late afternoon from the office when it seems the day may never end, a place to collect yourself whether with a laptop or meeting with friends for a catch-up on life or just a place that fills you with good feelings because the shop is so darn cute.

Corydon’s newest business, Sisters At Heart is set to open Thursday, June 20 and with just one step in the door you immediately feel cozy inside. Long time friends Patty Jones and Deidre Buttz took the step forward after talking for several years about doing a catering business.

With the newly renovated Hotel Rea opening along with other businesses within the Shoppes of the Rea Plaza, it was missing just one venue, a food and drink option.

“I talked to Malisha (Hagan) in early December and asked her if they had an option for food in any of their projects,” said Buttz. “They didn’t have anything right then at that time so I called Patty.”

“A month later we came up and looked at the shell of it,” said Jones. “We did a vision of what we thought maybe would work in this space.”

Once they agreed this was the space indeed for their new venture and they were ready to take the next step, it was time to roll up the sleeves and get busy.

“There were so many steps since there was no flooring in here at first,” said Jones. “The tile wasn’t laid, it wasn’t painted and there was no plumbing.”

“That was in January so we have come a long ways,” Buttz added.

With help from family and friends as well as local contractors, each month they were able to see progress being made.

“Our husbands pulled together and did the projects that probably no one else wanted to do for us,” Jones laughed. “My son-in-law Troy Shipley built the cabinets for us and Deidre’s step-son (John Buttz) did the plumbing. Those were two major things but our husbands did a lot for us.”

“Betty Arnold gave us signs and coffee cups too,” said Buttz.

“Josh and Malisha were there with us if we had any issues trying to get it fixed for us,” Jones added.

“Andy Joiner and Larry Warren were great helping us with the electricity also,” Buttz said.

Of course in order to have a coffee and food shop, you must select the brands you wish to sell and decide what foods they wanted to offer. As both soon realized along the way, there is more to brewing a cup of coffee than they knew.

“We learned there is a whole science to coffee and it’s a whole art,” said Buttz. “We don’t drink coffee ourselves.”

“We have done several trainings on how to put espresso together and there is a lot of history to it,” Jones added. “We are offering Intelligentsia Coffee from Chicago and our espresso is Black Cat and we will have a house blend.”

“How we got involved with this brand was through David Nessen who used to live here and is from here,” Buttz stated. “He sells for this company and he contacted Malisha who then got ahold of us. It’s a sustainable production of this kind of bean through smaller farmers. It’s not a big agricultural production as it’s through smaller people.”

Sisters At Heart will also be offering a variety of specialty teas as well as fresh smoothies with no milk for those that are lactose intolerant.

“There are different syrups and sauces we can put into our drinks for whatever each person would like,” said Jones. “We are hoping people will come in and just say can you make this for me and personalize each drink for each person.”

When developing a menu, Buttz relied on her collection of menus from favorite restaurants she has acquired throughout the last 15 years for ideas as well as reaching out to other nearby businesses located outside of Corydon.

“I thought about what I would do and I spoke with Maggie Lindsey when she started Main Street Brick House in Leon and I thought it was a neat thing to do,” said Buttz.

“We talked to Shelley up at The Porch in Chariton too,” Jones added. “We were getting ideas of what was good, what worked and what didn’t.”

They ladies put together a menu for breakfast and lunch options that will be offered daily. A different soup, salad, sandwich and homemade dessert special will also be available each day.

“We wanted to offer fresh, healthy options,” said Buttz. “We will offer different specialty sandwiches.”

“Our daily menu will offer deli sandwich options and we will also have a farmer’s sack lunch available,” Jones added.

Along with the coffees, teas and smoothies offered, iced coffee and other various drink options will be available. There are also plans to add an ice cream machine to the shop as well.

Jones and Buttz have spent several years working with the public as Jones is a FaDSS Specialist with SCICAP for the past six years and Buttz has been a nurse with the Wayne County Public Health office for over 19 years.

“We will be keeping our full time jobs and both of our employers have been really good with us,” said Buttz. “We already serve the public in our others jobs so this will just be an extension of working with the public and meeting new people.”

“We have always gone into their homes and now they can come into ours,” Jones added.

Plans for take-out menus are being made and they are working to get menus emailed to area businesses. Their Facebook page will be up and going soon where they will post specials as well.

“We are hoping we can be a teen hangout too and are even offering free wi-fi for our customers,” said Jones.

With the addition of Sisters At Heart to the Shoppes of Rea Plaza, the ladies are looking forward to working with others within the plaza

“We get together once a month in our meetings and work together really well,” said Buttz.

On June 13 Buttz and Jones hosted an open house in conjunction with the Summer on the Square events and gave them a taste of the excitement that is yet to come.

“I liked meeting and seeing people at the open house,” Jones began. “Some of them I hadn’t seen in awhile and now they can come in and have coffee with me.”

“I like to feed people and it’s relaxing to me to cook,” said Buttz. “I’m looking forward to serving our community.”

“I enjoy interacting with people and I like to hear my food tastes good,” Jones said. “It’s like our quote says, come in for good coffee, good food and good friends.”

“Sisters At Heart will be open Thursdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Fridays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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