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As the October 14 regular City of Corydon council meeting was underway, council member Amber Rodgers provided an update following the 2020 Walkability report and walking audit. A Wellmark group called the past week to go over the results with the members.

“We went through this with the Wellmark team to go over what our priorities would be,” said Rodgers. “We are most interested in improving safety. The Wellmark team will go through our list and look for sources of funding possibly.”

“The one thing I would like to talk about is a road diet on Highway 2 and Highway 14 and that is just a fancy way to go from four lanes to three,” Rodgers continued. “They would always ask us if we would want to do that and we’ve always said no thank you but I understand now after going through this why we would choose to do this. It really slows down traffic.”

“And in doing so we talked about adding two new stop signs in that area on Highway 2 if that was feasible or not,” said councilmember Dawn Christian.

“One would be right by Ludlows,” Rodgers added in. “And the other would be further down by the Baptist Church. Then when you have to four-way stops with the high school in between, your traffic can’t speed up too much in between there where we have so many kids crossing.”

The council discussed at length their concerns with kids crossing the highway.

“That would then make the official school walking route Southwest Street rather than where they have it now with incomplete sidewalks,” Christian said.

“This is the DOT’s preferred way and they would be happy to come back sooner rather than later if we changed our minds,” said Rodgers.

“I sit in the mornings and have coffee and it’s amazing we haven’t had an accident or a student get hit,” added councilmember Stan Rupe.

“With stop signs on the Highway the DOT has to approve those,” reminded Mayor Dennis Moorman.

“I don’t have a problem with this but I know last time it came up it was very unpopular with the general public,” said councilmember Nathan Bennett.

“I think now we are more educated to give the why behind it rather than just saying hey this is what we want to do,” added Christian.  “We need to be more transparent now. We had this report done and we are looking to improve safety in these areas.

“And a lot of towns are going to this also,” said councilmember Kenny Holmes.

The council also discussed concerns on Anthony Street where yield signs are up and the possibility of changing them stop signs due to speeding issues.

“I think Anthony and North West Street is a great place for a four-way stop,” said Rodgers.

Discussion on ways to slow down traffic on South West and East South streets due to high walking traffic with school-aged children also took place.

The next regular council meeting will be held on Wednesday, October28 at 5:30  p.m.

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