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After a long year of closure, the City of Corydon announced in a special meeting on March 31 they are looking towards reopening City Hall tentatively on Monday, March 3. The closure initially began due to the COVID-19 pandemic onset with employee turnover within City Hall prolonging the reopening as well.

“That’s the date we have in mind as of now,” said Corydon Mayor Nathan Bennett.

The council agreed and noted they hoped to have the painting completed within City Hall prior to that date and they are still working to find someone to build the front desk counter they would like.

In other business, the council was in support of donating $1,000 towards the Walden Park Playground improvement, $5,000 towards the kayak launch and boat ramp at Corydon Lake Park and $5,000 towards the Prairie Trails Family Aquatic Center pool heater with the condition stated all would be based on approvals of requested grant dollars. Should any or all of the grant funds be less than requested, the dollar amounts for the City of Corydon’s contribution may be adjusted accordingly.

Brian Draper was in attendance speaking to the council on matters regarding the Corydon Golf Course. The council will look into new mowers and the possibility of forgiving the remaining debt due to the city from the golf course that was acquired before Draper took over management. Current golf membership fees are $300 for a family and $225 for a single. If receiving a first year membership, $50 will be taken off the fees. 

Draper also noted they may be working on a joint effort with the Humeston Golf Course to offer discounts for those that have a membership in Humeston, to save half price if joining Corydon as well. They are currently seeing how many would be interested to see if it would be beneficial before offering. 

With the City of Corydon not having an insurance property claim, they were informed if they would switch to the $2,500 deductible from the $500 it would save the city $2,500 yearly on the premiums. The council agreed to have the item placed on the agenda for consideration at the next meeting. 

Councilmembers Amber Rodgers and Dawn Christian will meet with PTFAC Manager Desire Grismore to continue pool discussions this week.

The next regular City of Corydon council meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 7 at 5:30 p.m.


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