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Bryan Wallace, Corydon Fire Department Fire Chief was present at the Aug. 21 City of Corydon council meeting where he gave an update to the council on his department. Included in the update, was discussion of looking into having a light placed at the intersection of Highway 2 and South Washington Street for use during fire calls.

“Bill Byrns has asked me to alert and let the council know that he is pursuing with the DOT a light of some kind at the intersection of Highway 2 and South Washington for the fire department vehicles,” said City Clerk Ann Stevens. “Evidently someone about got hit there.”

“Twice, on one call,” said Wallace. “To pick up where Ann left off with that, that one-call incident, Wade (Peck) is doing a really great job. People are just not paying attention. I don’t know what we can do or what the DOT will allow us to do.”

“I’d really like blinking lights that we can set up on a timer for when we leave the station we hit a button and it stops traffic for a period of time,” Wallace continued. “We need to make a first step with the DOT to see what they will allow us to do.”

“Is Bill doing that?” asked Stevens.

“He and I are together,” said Wallace. “Someone’s eventually going to get hurt and it won’t be Wade. He protects himself rather well with where he is. It will be someone just not paying attention going around Wade.”

Wallace and Byrns will work together on the project. Wallace also informed the council of a successful benefit held for the family of Garrett and Heidi Jones and noting they would be presenting them with a check on Aug. 23.

Wallace also noted the State Fire Convention was upcoming in two weeks and would be held in Manchester.

Nancy Buss with Hall Engineering advised the council the plans and specs were completed for the 2019 Street Project and 2019 Water Project. The council approved the resolutions to set a public hearing on proposed plans, specifications, form of contracts and estimated cost.

Buss also informed the council the bids would opened at city hall on Monday, Sept. 16 with the Water Improvement Project bids opened at 10 a.m. and the Street Improvement Project bids being opened at 10:30 a.m. The public hearings will be held during the council meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

Jared Chambers was present asking the council if any response had been received regarding the request for proposals for the Condition Survey. This survey was mailed to 10 engineering firms, which as of the meeting date no proposals had been received.

“Has there been any phone calls or anyone stopped by?” asked Chambers.

“Yes we have had two phone calls asking questions on this,” said Stevens. “One was just this morning and they are going to send two copies of their proposal.”

“So do we have just the one?” asked council member Eric Jaeckel.

“We don’t have any yet,” said Stevens. “There are some that have expressed interest.”

“They still have some time,” said Chambers.

“Yes they until the third of September to get a proposal together,” said Stevens.

“I have a question for Jared,” said Jaeckel. “Is there any movement on the McClure project? Are you on the steering committee?”

“The housing board, yes we met last week and we are gearing up for some possible movement forward,” said Chambers. “I’m not saying construction or anything like that but our next step in communications with McClure is we are looking to get some more ideas to present options to the cities. On how we can tackle this together and how we can work effectively together.”

“Ok good,” said Jaeckel. “I was hoping there was some behind the scenes work going on.”

In other business a liquor license for Hy-Vee was approved and it was approved to advertise the sale of antique appliances from the library.

Mayor Dennis Moorman informed the council he received several phone calls throughout the weekend regarding the water situation from Rathbun Rural Water.

“On Saturday we had quite a deal on the water,” said Moorman. “I started getting phone calls in the afternoon. Somebody at Gasland was telling them they couldn’t drink the water and I was getting phone calls asking if it was true.”

“I called Brandon (Trower) because I knew we had a water leak before and I thought maybe it was true and I hadn’t heard it yet,” Moorman continued. “He hadn’t heard it and said it wasn’t true. Then I called Rathbun and talked to a guy there and he said no it is safe to drink. He said to tell people yes it has the smell and it’s from the algae.”

“On Sunday I go two phone calls with people saying they were told they couldn’t give the water to their pets or it would kill them,” said Moorman. “I called Corydon Vet Clinic and told the vet on call the situation and they said their dog was drinking the water and it was fine.”

“I don’t mind making the calls, but if we do have a water problem I would like to know it rather than getting surprised on the phone,” said Moorman. “I don’t know who started it but it started at Gasland.”

“That’s funny because I drink their coffee there every morning and nobody ever told me about it,” said council member Stan Rupe. “I talked to the DNR at Rathbun and it just has to run its course. The good thing is with the inch and a half rain they had with the wind is going to help it. He said eventually it’s going to clear up.”

Stevens advised the council members the nomination forms are now at city hall for anyone seeking candidacy for the election for the City of Corydon council. She noted the forms must be returned to city hall by Monday, Sept. 19 and be signed and notarized.

Council member Amber Rodgers noted she met with the new Conservation Director Kenny Banks at the Corydon Lake Park. She stated they talked about areas that needed improvement as well as discussing possible grants for updates.

The next City of Corydon council meeting will be held on Thursday, Sept. 5 at 7 p.m.






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