Allen Fry

Allen Fry with his retirement cake.

When taking the position to be Night Watch Police Officer in Allerton 23 years ago, Allen Fry had no idea how long he would end up working in law enforcement. On Monday, Oct. 1, Fry celebrated his retirement from the City of Corydon as Police Chief. A party was held in his honor at Walden Park upon completion of his last work shift.

When taking the position in Allerton, Fry had one year to complete his academy training. The deadline was missed, causing Fry to resign briefly until training was completed. Once finished with the then 12-week academy course, the city quickly rehired Fry to his duties in Allerton.

After working three years in Allerton, Fry took a position offered by Dennis Criswell in 1998 with the City of Corydon Police Department. Fry would replace former officer Tom Demry.

For his first two years in Corydon, Fry worked under Criswell until two years later when in November of 2000 he was appointed Police Chief by Mayor Dave Clayton.

When asked about his best memory from serving the City of Corydon Fry said, “There isn’t one thing that stands out as I have so many good memories.”

“I have enjoyed helping so many people young, old and in between and being involved in activities like Old Settler’s celebrations and homecomings throughout my years here,” said Fry.

Fry recalls a memory of seeing an older woman trying to carry a heavy bag of soil around her yard until he stopped to help her.

“I didn’t help her for glory or to brag, but because that’s what I wanted to do is help others,” Fry added. “Even though at the next city council meeting a letter she had written was read, thanking me for my help. It was a good feeling.”

Being police chief in a smaller town of course meant wearing many hats. Fry shared a moment in which he received a phone call to remove a snake from an entrance at Wayne High School.

“I don’t do snakes. They called telling me they needed me to come to the school to catch a snake,” said Fry. “I told them I don’t know what you want me to do about it but I’ll come watch.”

Fry also recalled his memory of one arrest that stood out to him, “I arrested Jesus once. Well he told me he was Jesus and I told him well I guess I wasn’t prejudiced against who I arrested then.”

As Fry started looking into retirement options, the city looked to the county for their help in taking over coverage of Corydon once Fry was gone. The decision was made to no longer have any city cops and have the county take over these roles as a county position.

Although retiring from law enforcement, Fry has no plans to fully retire from working.

“If I was to retire altogether and sit around and do nothing, I guarantee I’d be buried in one month,” Fry stated.

For now Fry plans to do odd jobs including driving truck and helping farm to occupy his time. More importantly, Fry was looking forward to finally having weekends off to enjoy his family time.

“I’ve missed birthday parties and other events of my grandkids due to working,” Fry said. “I have worked many, many weekends and missed a lot by doing so.”

When Fry took over as police chief he incorporated that no officer would work every weekend, setting schedules to work every other weekend. However when short staffed and in between officers on staff, Fry worked every weekend to cover.

While Fry won’t miss being the first to respond on the scene of a bad auto accident, receiving no respect from repeat offenders or working domestic assault cases, he will miss the people.

“I took pride in this city whether it was helping out people, plowing snow after a shift ended during the winter or offering help with water leaks,” said Fry. “This was my town and I have enjoyed it.”

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