Board of Supervisors

During the April 8 Board of Wayne County Supervisors meetings, Supervisor Chair Duffy Kester informed Supervisors David Dotts and Tom Swearingin, who joined by conference call, of two bids received for the county farm rental that had been advertised. Kester opened each sealed bid showing the present Dotts and read bid information to Swearingin.

The supervisors accepted the highest bid from Tyson Polsdofer for $24,500 per year for a six-year rental agreement. The board will meet with Wayne County Attorney Alan Wilson to have a formal contract drawn up for this agreement.

Wayne County Conservation Director Bonnie Friend was present noting her last day within the county was approaching following her resignation notice. She spoke to the board pleading with them to find an alternative way to fund a full-time Naturalist.

Friend and Wayne County Secretary Denise Becker previously met with local school districts Wayne Community and Mormon Trail looking for ways to partner together to help fund this position. After their meetings and speaking with part-time Naturalist Hannah Wiltamuth, they decided it would be difficult to form that partnership.

“I believed it would work until we spoke with Hannah and then realized financially it wouldn’t work and it would be an extreme overload on Hannah herself,” said Becker.

“I know Friday is my last day, but I will do anything I can to help you with this process to have the Naturalist as a full-time position,” said Friend.

“I hear you and both of us understand the importance, but once again money rears its ugly head,” said Kester.

“We will do some brainstorming and see what we can come up with,” said Dotts.

“I know Tom is also on board and will also help with brainstorming ideas,” Kester added. 

Friend also advised all parks within the county are now opened back up for the spring season.

“All of the parks are opened up with campers and it’s a wonderful time of the year,” Friend said. “On that note is there anything else before I go?”

“Have you decided not to go?” asked Kester.

“Duffy it has been bittersweet,” said Friend. “I will be back though. The board has hired me as contract labor on my days off so I will be back so I will do everything I can to keep things moving forward.”

“I have no doubt you will take care of that,” said Kester.

“I want to thank you for all you’ve done in your time here and personally I’ve really enjoyed working with you,” said Dotts.

“Dave, the same, it was wonderful having you on the board and again I can’t thank you and Cheryl enough for the one time you dropped everything when I really needed some help,” Friend said.

“I’ve learned to get along,” said Kester. “I thank you for that.”

“There is a win-win for everything, sometimes it just takes a little bit to get there,” Friend added.

“I was a little harder nut to crack but I came around,” Kester said.

“I just ask everyone to stay open-minded because that’s how we got here,” said Friend. “It will always work out and it may take time, but it will.”

“Anytime you want to drop in and tell us how things are going with you, the door is always open,” Kester stated.

“Thank you very much and mine the same,” Friend said.

Veteran’s Affairs Director Joella Perry was present to inform the board of the successful turnout from the Veteran’s Outreach Banquet that was held on April 6.

“We planned for 100 people and we had 104 people show up, so not only are we growing, but we will need a larger building to accommodate the growth for our next banquet,” said Perry. “We are growing, we are doing really good work and I want to thank you guys for your support in the veterans organization. I do appreciate it.”

“You did a wonderful job, I don’t know how you can have so much on your mind and still do all that,” said Kester. “I was very, very happy with the way you operated that. It was a really good time.”

“My feet hurt when I got home I can tell you that,” laughed Perry. “The food was really great too.”

Newly hired Wayne County Engineer Randy Zerr was present in his first official meeting to listen in on updates given by Assistant Engineer Dan Carpenter and Interim Engineer Gary Bishop. Carpenter noted he is continuing his work forward on the Title VI plan and Bishop informed the board the DOT would be making a visit to work on Highway S26 the following day.

“Zerr’s request that when they do those cores to go six inches,” said Carpenter.

“Six inches deeper than the bottom to see what the strata underneath is,” said Zerr.

“Whatever we do before will be a band-aid that’s going to come off in the shower,” Carpenter added when speaking on the Allerton pavement north of town.

“I know the Seymour pavement north of town is heavy on our heart too, but I think it’s better to get Allerton done,” added Bishop.

Carpenter also informed the board the letting for the deck replacement north of Promise City as well as the patching job has been set for June 18.

Deputy Treasurer Laura Henderson was present to request assignment for tax sale certificates and a request for suspension of taxes. The board approved the reassignment as previously presently in 2010 for the address at 510 East Jefferson Street.

“The reassignment would go to Adair Asset Management as it was assigned in April of 2012, but in going back we couldn’t find printed in the minutes,” said Henderson. “We just need this approved and to get in the minutes.”

“Also Sharon Cunningham has requested a suspension of taxes and she is planning to sell the property which at that time we will collect all taxes at time of sale,” said Henderson.

The board approved the suspension of taxes at this time.

Newly appointed Public Health Director Shelley Bickel was present in meeting to update the board on her progress through the first four weeks in her new position. She noted she is down to the final two interviews for a maternal health nurse that will cover four counties and is continuing to work on decreasing the budget as well as meeting with doctors at the Wayne County Hospital to provide services from referrals.

“I’m going to bring back a former nurse, Kelley Alexander, who is a PRN so that if I sell this to the doctors I can say I have extra staff to do the home care,” said Bickel. “She has agreed to do that. She is a very good nurse and she is pretty much already on board but we need to work on the paperwork.”

“I don’t know what you said to Kelley, but I am so very, very happy that she is going to come back and work with us,” said Kester. “I really am.”

Dan Coffey presented the board with estimates for purchasing water heaters for the courthouse from Lockridge and Clayton’s Plumbing. Kester requested Coffey go with the lower priced water heater estimate from Clayton’s Plumbing at $195 each.

He informed the board of a bid received from Superior Cable & Data for running conduit into the elevators for fire alarms. The bid received from Superior of $3,305 was approved.

The next regular Board of Supervisors meeting is set for Monday, April 22 at 9 a.m.

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