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Randy Sharp was present in the Feb. 19 City of Corydon council meeting to discuss an issue with a dog running loose in the city limits.

“We’ve had several issues with this neighbor’s dog and I understand dogs get loose and run through people’s yards, but when I and my grandson are in my garage and that dog comes running into my garage showing teeth I have a problem,” said Sharp. “I understand you guys don’t have anybody on weekends for dog patrol but I’ve called five times to the sheriff’s department and they absolutely will do nothing. So what is my next step?”

“Randy, who looked for that dog for two hours?” asked council member Stan Rupe.

“You and I did,” Sharp answered.

“I tried to catch it and it would not come to me,” Rupe added.

“It won’t come to anybody and it is vicious and I didn’t want you to get bit by it,” said Sharp. “I had the same issues last year. It grabbed me by the pant leg and I fell with my grandson.”

“I’m not saying they should get rid of their dog, but I am saying if it’s going to have a tendency to get off and cause danger to the neighbors and people then it needs to be in an approved kennel,” Sharp continued. “It went through other people’s yards and there was a couple other little kids it went after.”

“I know who’s dog it is and I went and knocked on their door but they were not home, but the dog had a broken collar,” Rupe stated.

“I feel like this is something we discussed in the last minute and that is once they are apprehended, for lack of a better word, there needs to be some kind of fine by the city, not just the vet clinic,” said council member Dawn Christian. “Otherwise it’s going to keep happening and keep happening until they have a consequence. And if that consequence is a fine than that is what needs to happen.”

“I have dogs and I get it, sometimes they get loose but it shouldn’t be a regular occurence, especially when we have complaints then we need to look at this as a council on how we are going to solve it,” Christian continued. “The only thing that talks is money and that is you don’t only pay the vet fees, but you pay our fines.”

Further discussion ensued on the topic of what action could be taken.

“If this happens again, what do I do,” asked Sharp.”It shouldn’t be up to Latisha or any of you guys to go get a vicious dog. That falls under serve and protect.”

“I’m going to be honest with you, let me review what we have them (the sheriff’s office) contracted for because if I remember correctly, I don’t believe they are contracted for animal control,” said Nathan Bennett, council member and stand in mayor for the evening as Mayor Dennis Moorman was unable to attend.

“Allen Fry (former Corydon Police Chief) was,” said Sharp.

“Allen was a city cop and they don’t have the exact same duties because we had to sign an agreement with them,” Bennett added. “I will be happy to review those and we will see what we can do. We understand it’s an issue and we have had several discussions about it.”

“I think there is a couple different issues here as there is a difference between a dog running at large and a vicious dog,” said council member Amber Rodgers. “And who will handle those different situations as well as a lot of us are new here and maybe weren’t here when this agreement went in with the county so on our end we need to do some looking at the contract and see what is and what is not covered.”

The council agreed to set up a meeting to discuss the current 28E Agreement with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office to help resolve this issue.

The council also agreed to look into a possible one-time forgiveness policy on pink slip water bill finance charges after having it brought to their attention a city resident didn’t receive his monthly bill in the mail.

In other business the council approved the final invoice from MSA Professional Services Inc. in the amount of $5,950 for the 2019 Condition Survey.

The council also held the third reading for Ordinance 340 to regulate the use of all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, mini bikes and go-karts in the City of Corydon and approved it with the gas provision being included.

The second reading was held for Ordinance 341 to regulate the use of golf carts in the City of Cart and approved to waive the third reading.

The next regular city council meeting will be held on Thursday, March 5 at 7 p.m.

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