Amber Rodgers

Amber Rodgers is sworn in at the City of Corydon council meeting held on Nov. 21.

Following the Nov. 5 election, Amber Rodgers was sworn in during the Nov. 20 City of Corydon council meeting. Rodgers took her seat at the table on Dec. 6, 2018 after appointment when Dennis Moorman was appointed mayor.

Newly elected council member Dawn Christian along with re-elected member Kenny Holmes, will both be officially sworn in at the next city council meeting.

Following some concern on water ordinances that was discussed at the previous meeting, the council held the first reading for the proposed ordinance to amend the deposit for new tenants in the City of Corydon. The amendment will increase the deposit to $250 for water, sewer and garbage services.

Once the increase is approved, only new residents moving into the city will be affected as the deposits on hand, already received will not change. If a resident moves from the city, any outstanding charges will be deducted from the deposit with the balance refunded to the paying customer.

Per state law, a second reading will be held at the next meeting.

Discussion moved to City Clerk in training Cheryl Mastin asking the council if they wished to enroll for FEMA flood insurance. Mastin informed the council she spoke to a FEMA member from the state where he advised Corydon is not currently participating in the program.

“What he tells me is that because of the mapping the DNR does it has put us in position where we are about one percent in 100 years chance of flooding,” Mastin began. “That requires us to do that or we relinquish the other 10 percent the state puts in.”

Mastin informed the council there is no cost for the National Flood Insurance Program however new ordinances would be required to be enforced. The council tabled the motion until more information can be received from agents.

Rodgers advised she was questioned by a resident regarding the lack of sidewalks on DeKalb Street near the elementary school. Council members agreed they have witnessed an increase in younger school age children walking from school with no sidewalks available.

“Maybe we could look into grants for new sidewalks,” suggested council member Nathan Bennett.

“Yes, because I don’t see them before school, but I do after school,” said council member Stan Rupe.

“Decades ago it was the property owners responsibility to put in and maintain sidewalks,” said council member Eric Jaeckel.

Rodgers advised she would look into grants to see if there is an opportunity.

In other business, $1,125 was transferred from the Golf Shed Rent fund to general fund for reimbursement of fees from sheds one and two from the golf club invoice. Also approved was the transfer of $500 from the Rural Fire Protection fund to the general fund for the annual Fire Chief wages.

The council also approved the contract change order from Municipal Pipe Tool Co. in the amount of $3,470 for the Sanitary Sewer Rehab 2019 Project for additional cleaning. The invoice from MSA Professional Services Inc. for the 2019 Condition Survey was approved for $5,665 for work performed through Oct. 21.

The next regular City of Corydon council meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 5 at 7 p.m.



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