Corydon City hall

Kicking off the first City of Corydon meeting of the new year, a presentation by Nicole Sungren of MSA Professional Services, was given where she gave an update on the survey being completed within the city. This survey was made possible after an anonymous donor made funds possible through the Wayne Community Foundation.

Sungren discussed financial options to help fund needed repairs within the city. Following the presentation, the council turned to the agenda to begin discussion on resolutions to be looked at for approval.

A resolution to approve wages for city employees for the 2020-2021 fiscal year and the mayor’s appointments for the term of Jan. 1 2020 through Dec. 31, 2021 were approved.

A resolution to set a public hearing for Feb. 6 in regards to the maximum levy for the 2020-2021 was approved.

“This not actually to approve the levy rate, this is only to set the public hearing,” said City Clerk Ann Stevens. “This is something new this year. We have to hold two public hearings before we can adopt a budget now. If we raise our levy rate more than two percent of what it was last year we have to have the public’s comments.”

“You will see we are not raising the levy rates, we are actually lowering them, but we still have to set this public hearing,” Stevens added.

The council approved liquor licenses for Ludlow’s Steakhouse, Casey’s General Store and the Alley Cat stating no complaints had been received. Larry Harlan was approved for re-appointment to the Zoning Commission for a five year term.

Cheryl Mastin and Amber Rodgers read the proposed ordinances pertaining to the regulation of of use of all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, mini bikes, go-karts and golf carts in the City of Corydon.

“I’ve heard a lot of people are opposed to this,” said council member Stan Rupe. “Not necessarily this, but the $25 fee. They think they are getting dinged, dinged, dinged.”

“You had me call around to cities around us with similar population and this (the $25 fee) is on the low-end,” said Stevens.

“There’s a $10 one in Bloomfield,” Rupe stated.

“Can I ask what instigated this?” asked Harlan. “Has there been a problem?”

“No I don’t think there’s been a problem,” said Mayor Dennis Moorman.

“There has been problems with driving around and not knowing who’s they are to report them,” Stevens answered.

“We’ve got kids that seem to run around in the evening,” said Moorman.

“Why should I be penalized for someone else’s kids driving around  on an ATV or their golf cart or whatever,” asked Harlan.

“It’s a blanket policy for some individual problems,” said council member Dawn Christian.

“The city has to have an ordinance before the county will enforce it,” Stevens added.

“I definitely agree with the age of operators on any of that, I’m at 100 percent agreement on that,” said Harlan. “Every time we turn around we are paying something to somebody.”

 “It goes back to those kid’s parents basically,” Rupe added. “To me, where does this end? I don’t disagree with the ordinance, like Larry said, we’ve got a lot bigger issues to be worring about than this.”

“Is the fee and registration important or do we drop those altogether?” asked council member Nathan Bennett.

The council made the decision to make revisions to remove fees for the ordinance and would hold the next reading at the next meeting.

Utility Billing Clerk Laticia Stewart’s last day has been set for April 8. The council approved a help wanted ad for publication to fill the position.

Moorman advised the council the city’s pump house had been vandalized around the first of Jan. Windows were broken out and had been spray painted.

The next regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 7 p.m.



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