City of Corydon

During the City of Corydon council meeting held on June 10, Mayor Dennis Moorman discussed the possible setting of a public hearing to remove the brick street on West Jackson Street. Moorman as well as other city employees had been approached asking if it could be removed.

During the recent meeting held on June 26, Moorman noted he was aware of comments made by the public and there would be no plans to remove the brick street. If the issue was to come up again in the future, nothing would be done until a public hearing was set and held for further public discussion and feedback.

“We weren’t trying to make anyone mad in discussing removal, but only going by what we had heard up until recently,” said Moorman. “We aren’t touching the brick road now or anytime soon.”

In other business Moorman expressed concern regarding the agenda stating the audience would be given to Hall Engineering during the meeting, however they would not be attending for the second meeting in a row.

 “Hall Engineering couldn’t be here and I was hoping they would be as I’m starting to get a little bit nervous,” said Moorman. “The transportation director from the school stopped me and wanted to know if we was going to have that street done before school started. I said that was the original plan but I don’t know if it’s going to happen now the way they are dragging their feet.”

“We’ve got a year now to get the 1.2 million dollars rolling and unfortunately Hall isn’t here today,” said council member Eric Jaeckel. “We’ve spent about 50 grand on engineering fees. Plus we don’t have a start date and we have to have the sewer and infrastructure done on two of them. We need to really think about where we are at because we have to have the money spent in a year.”

“We have to put pressure on them (Hall Engineering) that they have to be here next week,” said council member Kenny Holmes.

“Do you have penalties on your bond after July 2020,” asked Jared Chambers.

“There is a clause in there it has to be spent,” said city clerk Ann Stevens.

“We are getting put between a rock and hard place and I was hoping they would be here tonight,” said Moorman.

“They need to be here,” said council member Stan Rupe.

Chambers was present to represent the Wayne Community Foundation regarding the anonymous donor fund for the street condition survery. It was decided to delay any further action for a couple weeks.

The next regular meeting has been scheduled for Monday, July 8 at 7 p.m.


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