City of Corydon

As the Aug. 5 City of Corydon meeting opened, Mayor Dennis Moorman introduced Cheryl Mastin as the new City Clerk trainee. Mastin will be training in the position with current City Clerk Ann Stevens until her retirement at a later date this year.

Nancy Buss with Hall Engineering was in attendance where she advised the council on bids received for the Sewer Rehab Project. Buss asked the council for a vote to approve the lowest bid received.

The bid from Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC was the lowest received at $31,267.50 and was approved by the council.

Buss advised the council she would be in attendance again at the August 21 meeting.

A resolution to clarify the pay scale for city crew employees for the first three years of employment was approved.

“The reason I’m doing this is nowhere in writing do we have where we told the employees they could get another dollar an hour for any certifications that was required for the city,” said Stevens. “It was not on a resolution so this is covering up for the auditor otherwise everything else is the same.”

The council also approved the authorize to transfer a 2015 Chevy Silverado police vehicle to the fire department.

“We can’t use it for maintenance and if we use it we will have to pay $15,000 back on it,” said Moorman.

“Is that due to a grant when it was bought?” asked council member Stan Rupe.

“Yes,” said Moorman. “The fire department can use it and they have room to store it.”

The council tabled a request for removal of two street signs on the east side of the Jensen tax office on North Franklin Street. The council decided to speak with business owners first before removal.

The council discussed the possible ban on the use of fireworks in the City of Corydon following a complaint and request for the ban from a resident. The resident asked for the ban following an incident within the city.

“What was the date this incident happened?” asked council member Amber Rodgers.

“July 13,” said Stevens.

“Ok the State of Iowa says fireworks can be used on private properties from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. June 1 through July 8 and again December 10 through January 3 so that’s against Iowa law anyways,” said Rodgers. “I would say they should call the sheriff then.”

“She did,” said Stevens. “They didn’t send anyone out.”

“I don’t want to change the rules for everybody else,” said council member Kenny Holmes.

“She said she called the sheriff’s office and they didn’t do anything so that’s why I brought it here,” said Stevens.

“I don’t think we need to take any action,” said Holmes.

“I agree,” said Rupe. “I understand the complaint and if it was multiple people I could understand changing it.”

The council decided not to take any action at this time. The council also decided to decline membership to Chariton Valley Planning and Development Council for the 2020 fiscal year.

A liquor license renewal was approved for the Alley Cat.

Moorman informed the council of a state grant available for street signage and he will be gathering a list of signs that are needed within town. He also reported he along with Stevens are putting together a new plan for safety meetings.

City employee Brandon Trower informed the council the elk pen currently has two cows and two calves and he hopes to get another bull.

“If we can get another bull we can start building the herd back,” said Trower. “

Trower stated they have $5,700 and it will take $8,000 in materials to build a gazebo and picnic area by the elk pens.

“We also were thinking of putting in another padding for buffalo,” said Trower.

“I need to go to the (Corydon) Lake Park with the new conservation director to walk through so maybe you can come too and we can further discuss the plans,” said Rodgers to Trower.

The next regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 7 p.m.



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