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The City of Corydon council came together Jan. 27 for their regular meeting, short one member as a seat remains vacant. Without a current City Clerk or Utility Billing Clerk after the recent resignations for those positions, the council knew they needed to move forward finding a replacement for both positions.

Mayor Nathan Bennett informed the council there was an updated draft for the job position that would now add Administrator to the job title for the City Clerk. The council made and approved the motion to hire applicant number one for the City Clerk/Administrator role.

“We feel strongly that this person has some really great qualifications and some experience to help them out for this position,” added Bennett. “As soon as we get this person on board, we have them be a part of the hiring process for the Utility Billing Clerk position as well.”

“And this person [City Clerk/Administrator] will do the evaluations for all the city crew correct? asked council member Kenny Holmes.

“Yes and the mayor or personnel committee will do the reviews of the City Clerk/Administrator,” responded Bennett.

Later in the meeting, before it came to a close, council member Dawn Christian advised the council she would be purchasing a donating paint for City Hall to have the interior walls repainted as well as thoroughly cleaning the office.

“I feel like we need a new start,” said Christian. “All pieces of paper that have been taped onto the walls are coming down and I am going to clean it. We are starting fresh now and I think we need to do a little purging now.”

Deputy Officer James Wiltamuth also volunteered his time to help with the painting process.

The council discussed the need for the carpets to be clean as Bennett mentioned he could provide the carpet cleaner. Discussion on tearing carpet out of the bathroom was also a possibility.

With the city sitting without a City Clerk since Jan. 14, Bennett reported the council was working together to continue office operations.

“I am happy to report Amber [Rodgers], Dawn and I and well everybody has been real helpful, but we have been able to figure out quite a bit in the accounting stuff,” said Bennett. “It’s a process, but we are getting there.”

“We got the water bills out,” added Rodgers. “They should have the new sewer rate on there so they will see that on there. The bills are still due on the first of the month and the late fees still come in on the 10th.”

“We are getting along fairly well for not having a City Clerk up here,” said Bennett. “We’ve been in contact with our city clerks and the League of Cities has been really helpful.”

In other business, the council made the motion to move forward with legal review of the Kading contract for the proposed new 40-60 unit housing development on the section of land owned by the city on the south part of town. In the previous council meeting, Dave Daughton presented the council with an opportunity to have Kading Properties build 40 to 60 affordable housing rental units within Corydon city limits.

“We decided we needed to move forward and have the contract reviewed by our legal counsel Verle Norris as we have chatted about this quite a bit,” began Rodgers. “The issues we were concerned about with the water tower and the lagoon have been squelched so everything is good on our end there. We need Verle to look through the contract so we can move forward.”

As presented by Daughton, Kading Properties required should the city allow the housing development to be built, they were asking for property ownership for one dollar, 100 percent tax abatement for a period of 10 years, guaranteed rental of 30 percent of the units for five years that would not be the city responsibility, a topographic survey of current sewer and other utility lines and removal of existing structures on the property included an old barn and refuse.

The council approved the motion and will now await to hear back from legal counsel on the contract review.

The council also approved a liquor license renewal request from Ludlow’s Steakhouse. A payment to Jed Wiltamuth was approved for the elk pen project.

“This payment is covered by grant money received earlier in the year,” noted Bennett.

Council member Stan Rupe advised the council he spoke with Wayne CSD Superintendent Mike Still regarding the possible placement of stop signs once again at the school crossing. Rupe informed the council Still would speak to the Wayne School Board members rearding this topic.

The council was in agreement stop signs would be helpful in slowing down traffic and helping with safety concerns for school-aged children crossing Highway 2. Rupe advised he would reach out to Still again to discuss the possibility of permanent stop signs being placed versus only at school start and end times.

Holmes asked for council input regarding four wheelers and other ATV and UTV’s being used for snow removal. 

“I was asked how many of them have stickers on them and are registered and I wondered what about the ones coming from out of town,” asked Holmes. “Do they have to be registered with us?

“Yes,” answered Bennett. “The way I understand is if you want to ride one in town, you have to have a sticker on it. It’s free and it shouldn’t take any time to do it. All you have to do is call City Hall and leave a message and we can mail you an application.”

Bennett also noted in closing he wanted to send a shout out to the city crew for their recent long hours working on snow removal in town. 

“They have been doing a good job cleaning up the city streets,” said Bennett. “I know they work 18 to 20 hours on snow removal and they are doing a good job.”

The City of Corydon will hold a special council meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 3 at 5:30 p.m. with their next regular meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 5:30 p.m.

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