City of Corydon

Stacy (McConahay) Gibbs was recently sworn in as the new City Clerk Administrator by Corydon Mayor Nathan Bennett.

In the special meeting held on March 17 by the City of Corydon council, Mayor Nathan Bennett turned the discussion over to newly sworn in City Clerk Administrator Stacy Gibbs to discuss the need for a special election to fill the vacant council seat.

Gibbs stated she spoke with County Auditor Michelle Dooley and was informed a notice would be printed in the next issue of the Times-Republican to notify the public of the special election. The deadline for those interested in filing paperwork is set for Friday, April 2 at 5 p.m.

The forms can be picked up  at City Hall by calling in advance or can be accessed online. The forms must be returned to Gibbs at City Hall by the 5 p.m. deadline date. Interested persons must have forms completed in entirety and have the required number of signatures as well.

The council discussed possible spring clean up dates of that wouldn’t conflict with upcoming events such as Wayne CSD prom and graduation events. The council is looking at the dates of Thursday, April 15 or Thursday, May 6 at this time but will contact Midwest Sanitation for further clarification on which date will work.

In other business the council discussed looking into having the bandstand repainted on the square. Bennett noted the Corydon Lion’s Club had stepped up to take over this project in the past and he would like to have a conversation with those members first before looking at other avenues and ideas.

The council made the motion and approved the new cleaning fee for those renting Walden Park for events. Anyone wishing to rent the building will be required to pay a $50 cleaning fee on top of the rental fee. The council will look at revisiting the rental fees to ensure every event is charged the same rental rate. At this time there are variances in the charges based on events. The council is unsure if a new resolution or ordinance is needed at this time for the change and therefore will look into this issue further. 

Bennett also informed the council he had been questioned by city employees on the possibility of including golf memberships and pool passes to city employees and their family members. The council agreed they would look into the legality of the request and should there be no issues, they didn’t have a problem including those as additional benefits to city employees. 

The council agreed to continue their support to the Summer on the Square event and will continue with their $2,000 annual donation as long as money is available in the budget.

The next regular City of Corydon council meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 24 at 5:30 p.m.

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