Girl Scout Blessing Box

Members of the Corydon Girl Scout Troop #00870 are pictured above in front of the Blessing Box they organized that sits in front of the ISU Extension Office. Pictured in front row, left to right: Kynlee Irving, Bristyn Swan, Brynlee Swan, Chevelle Powers and Elizabeth Shields. Back row: Emmalynn Stevens, Addyson Stevens, Nataleigh Nelson, Skyeliegh Fisher, Lila Swan, Kinzi Porter and Aleigha Shields. Not pictured, but also members of the Corydon Troop #00870 are Meredith Green, Macey Green, Jordyn Cox, Kayley Lancaster and Lexi Porter. 

At the beginning of each new year, it is no secret that Girl Scouts will soon be setting up booths to sell the ever popular Girl Scout Cookies so many have come to love.  These addictive cookies have been a blessing and sometimes the failing factor to several weight loss journeys for over 100 years.

The Corydon Girl Scout Troop 00870 received their boxed cookies delivery this past week and this year they have even bigger goals and plans set.

“If we sell over 5,000 boxes of cookies as a troop we qualify for a troop camp,” said Leader Jamie Swearingin. “This year we increased our goal and had 5,520 boxes delivered.”

“We automatically qualify for a troop camp this year since we ordered that many boxes off the bat,” Swearingin continued. “We will get to go in July, taking all the girls to Camp Sacajawea and the girls will get the full camp experience.”

Adding to the incentive this year for cookie sales is the Blessing Box that now sits in front of the ISU Wayne County Extension and Outreach office. The Blessing Box was made by some of the Girl Scout members and their fathers with the hopes of following the motto, “Take what you need, leave what you can.”

“The idea behind the box was if the food pantry and offices were closed, then people could go to the Blessing Box in case of an emergency,” said Swearingin. “We have placed non-perishable items inside that won’t freeze or get too hot when the weather warms back up.”

“We placed cereal, mac-n-cheese and easy items that can help in times of emergencies,” Swearingin added.

The Blessing Box will be maintained by the Corydon Girl Scout Troop that will also allow them to use as a service project that can help them earn a patch. Members will place items in the box and when running low, troop leaders will help the girls with shopping for more food items.

“The profits from our cookie sales are what will help us keep the Blessing Box filled,” said Swearingin. “We have had others add donations to the box as well, which we welcome the help also.”

The Corydon troop currently has 17 members with Swearingin, Jenna Porter, Tierra Shields and Stefanie Green as troop leaders.

The cookie sales will take place through the end of March where the girls will be selling the ever-popular Caramel DeLights, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Lemonades, Shortbread, Peanut Butter Patties, Thanks-A-Lot and S’mores boxes for $4 each and the newest addition from last season of Caramel Chocolate Chip for $5 a box.

The girls will have booths set up inside Hy-Vee on Saturday, Feb. 15, Saturday, Feb. 29 and Saturday, March 14 where they will be selling cookies on these dates.

The SCICAP Food Pantry is open until 4 p.m. daily, however the Blessing Box will be available for after-hour emergencies.

“We want people to take advantage of this,” Swearingin added. “It’s a great service project and we hope the girls see the good from items coming in and going out.”

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