Hy-Vee Mainstreet in Corydon has partnered with Grimmway Farms, which is the main carrot supplier for our local Hy-Vee to offer a produce giveaway being held on Thursday, May 21 from 10 a.m. until noon, or until supplies last. The first 620 customers in line will receive one bag of whole carrots weighing ten pounds with approximately 60 carrots inside.

“We went to our suppliers saying our customers are in need of fresh produce now more than ever due to the shortage of fresh foods coming into the stores as well as cash flow and asked if there was a way for us to acquire a large supply of produce to give away to community members in our towns,” said Corydon Hy-Vee Manager Becca Bellman. “We have done this before in other stores such as Chariton gave away mangoes this past week.”

The event will be held just to the east of Corydon Mainstreet Hy-Vee on North Lafayette Street with the produce being distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each customer must enter from the north side off of East Anthony Street, turning south on the east side of the store and the product will be loaded safely into the customer’s vehicles before exiting south to the town square.

Those working the giveaway event will load produce using a contactless method with staff wearing gloves and masks. To follow the safety guidelines, no walk-ups will be allowed for distribution.

Knowing the impact COVID-19 has created, Hy-Vee and Grimmway Farms paired up to donate the fresh produce by giving away more than 37,200 carrots. Together, they are aware of the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic has created and believe it is important to have access to fresh, nutricious produce during this time of need.

“Carrots can be used for so many things as they can be eaten raw or cooked in stews or soups and they provide universal value for kids or adults alike,” Bellman said. “We were so lucky being able to acquire something very universal and with carrots they don’t necessarily require refrigeration to last a long time. If you have a cool dry place they will last for two to three weeks. In a refrigerator they can last much longer.”

Bellman advised she will also be posting recipes online on the Hy-Vee Mainstreet Corydon Facebook page to help provide additional ideas for use.

“The Corydon Volunteer Fire Department is also going to be helping us with traffic control during this event,” Bellman added. “The fire department is such a great asset to our community. They were very willing to help as they always are so good partnering with us as well.”

“This is all thanks to Grimmway Farms, a U.S. based company for partnering with us as well as the other produce suppliers for providing fresh produce for our customers,” Bellman added in closing.

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