After the July 25 City of Corydon meeting was called to order and roll call was given, the council turned to Bill and Nancy Buss of Hall Engineering. Bill Buss began speaking about a proposed storm sewer for the East Penn manufacturing company and provided drawings.

“Right now, all of the water that comes out of the East Penn property now goes down into this ditch area and the city’s got a forty-two inch concrete storm surge that cuts down and discharges in the area the water goes. East Penn is proposing to put a storm water detention base down there, collect the water and put their own storm sewers down where it will discharge in the same place as the forty-two inch discharges, but it will take all of that water out of here at additional capacity,” Buss explained.

“I make a motion to definitely move forward with it,” councilman Stan Rupe said. The motion carried. Hall Engineering will prepare the easement agreement.

Next, there was consideration in sending a letter to Loren Losh that would state the City of Corydon wishes to discontinue working with BIO2 as part of the wastewater system. The motion carried.

An amendment for the amount of $750 was then considered for the Agreement for Professional Engineering Services for Water Distribution, Piping Extension and Water Meter Building, all submitted by Hall Engineering. The motion carried.

Resolution 2018-28 considered sealed bids for the property at 205 E. Moore Street. The resolution would approve the sale and transfer of the property. The bids were opened and Karen Tucker bid $4,750 for the lot, with the minimum bid set at $4,700. A motion was made to approve the resolution to accept the bid, the sale and the transfer for the property. The motion carried.

Resolution 2018-29 was then considered. The resolution would approve the five-year contract with Midwest Sanitation and Recycling for removal of garbage and recycling. The motion carried.

Resolution 2018-27, which would approve the agreement with Faller Kincheloe for the 2017/2018 audit, was also approved by the council.

Another resolution, Resolution 2018-30, would set a fee of $200 for building permits within Corydon was considered. The fee would be paid at the time of a completed application to build submitted to the city. The motion carried.

Resolution 2018-31 was then discussed. The resolution would approve a five-year 28E agreement with Wayne County for law enforcement services. The tentative start date is set for Sept. 1, but the official start date has not been set, as Rod Parham explained. The City of Corydon would need to approve first, then the Wayne County Board of Supervisors will have a say in the agreement.

If the start date does not officially become Sept. 1, the City of Corydon Police will still have Police Chief Allen Fry until Oct. 1. Parham reported that Keith Davis of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office would not leave Corydon without any officers. He also reported that Davis said Corydon would have 1-3 deputies around during the day and night.

The June financial report from the LeCompte Memorial Library was approved.

It was reported during the meeting that the white paint for the school crosswalks was delivered to the City of Corydon shop. There was also a report of a dog running loose in the cemetery at night.

The city crew was then advised to take care of the weeds on East State Street. They were also called on to cut a curb for a resident.

The minutes and treasurer’s report were then approved. The audience was given to Ann Stevens, the City Clerk.

Stevens showed the council an example of a 28E for a code enforcement officer, which has been discussed at previous meetings to enforce ordinances regarding junk houses and cars. The subject will be held off for further discussion.

The next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 6 at 7 p.m.

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