Adam Whitehead and Dalles Jacobus

Many have been facing uncertain times recently seeing events canceled all around leaving us with little to look forward to. From school closures to sporting events and music venue cancellations and the list goes on, finding things to smile about has been challenging for some.

For musician Corydon resident Adam Whitehead along with Iowa Hawkeye football defensive lineman Dalles Jacobus, they have certainly found something to smile about following the newest release of their hit song, “Single Mom”. The song was released on iTunes and has been climbing the charts while also keeping company with well-known artists including Thomas Rhett, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Blake Shelton, Hank Williams, Jr. and the Rascal Flatts.

Whitehead was working on writing the first verse and chorus in the song before reaching out to Jacobus this past winter.

“Dalles put the second verse in the song and part of the bridge before putting it together,” said Whitehead. “It was a complete collaboration between us.”

While the song title hits home differently for both artists, it is one they feel strongly about.

“I spent the more meaningful years of my childhood in a single parent household and I feel like single moms don’t get the recognition they deserve,” Whitehead began. “In the world we live in there are a lot of single moms out there that deserve a song like this and a thank you.”

“I struggled to write this song as I am very fortunate to have both of my parents living happily married, I am fortunate for that especially in today’s society,” said Jacobus. “I looked at this song for maybe three weeks and couldn’t come up with a single word. I finally reached out to my aunt I am very close with and asked her what it is like being a single mom. We had probably a two-hour conversation and after we got off the phone I think I wrote my part in about 10 minutes.”

Following the exchange of videos and messaging, Whitehead and Jacobus met up in Des Moines at the Speed of Sound Studio with Music Engineer Ben Hall to cut the vocals on a Tuesday afternoon.

“Ben is probably the best north of Nashville and is great at what he does,” stated Whitehead. “For the instrumentals I worked with the same producer I always do in Nashville and he said it was better than what is on the radio now.”

The song was released and has become an instant hit capturing the hearts of not only single moms that can relate but also music fans across the spectrum. The song was first played on KBOE 104.9 radio station and while Whitehead has been played on radio before, this was a new experience for Jacobus.

“When Adam sent me the entire mastered version of the song I immediately went to my car and played it and I was dang near in tears,” Jacobus began. “I was in shock thinking holy cow we did this. Then he messaged me saying we would be played on KBOE and I couldn’t believe it.”

“I’m not a very emotional person, playing sports my whole life you are taught from a very young age to not show your emotion as it can lead to weakness for your opponent to exploit,” Jacobus continued. “I was very, very close to tears in that car though knowing what Adam and I had accomplished. It was definitely a humbling experience.”

Whitehead worked with an artists and repertoire representative in New York that has worked with artists including Sam Hunt, Justin Bieber and Pitbull to put together a video for the Single Mom release. On May 12 to celebrate the song’s success the lyric video was released on Facebook with plans for the full video to be released on VEVO soon.

Whitehead, originally from Marshalltown and Pella moved to Corydon six months ago and has been spent roughly 10 years working in the music industry. Music writing will continue in his future plans as he watches to see how far up the charts the newest release will go.

“I’ve cut other people’s songs, but had never written one myself before,” said Whitehead. “With me co-writing this, it has a special meaning for me. When I heard it on KBOE and then KIX 101.1 it was my O.M.G. moment.”

While Jacobus grew up in the small-town of Palo before moving to Iowa City to attend the University of Iowa, he isn’t a complete stranger to the music world himself. Writing and dedicating the song “We Wave” in honor of the Iowa Wave tradition where at the end of each first quarter of home Hawkeye football games, the entire stadium turns to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital to wave, his song has been heard by thousands.

“I definitely think I want to pursue music,” stated Jacobus. “I’m a small Division I defensive tackle so I’m not sure past this where it will lead. If the NFL asked me to play, obviously that’s a dream of mine and I would pursue it but it’s probably a little far fetched for me. Music is definitely another passion of mine and I have learned so much in this process through Adam.”

“I am so thankful for Adam and so grateful for the opportunity he provided when he reached out to me,” Jacobus added.

With the EP release and unplugged version set to come out on June 19, both Whitehead and Jacobus are thankful for the support they have received and the positive reviews they continue to see.

“We will continue to watch the charts and we appreciate everyone that continues to call in and request our song to play on all the radio stations,” Whitehead added in closing. “The support here in Corydon has also been incredible. This is certainly a great community and I am thankful for everyone’s sincere support.”

Whitehead plans to attend the Midwest Country Music Awards and was planning to surprise Jacobus by asking him to join, however the surprise may have come sooner then planned as it was leaked at during the interview.

“This has been an incredible overall experience and with this song it shows our respect for the single moms who work their butts off to support their kids,” Jacobus said. “I saw my aunt go through this process and it was eye-opening. It gave me so much more respect for what single moms go through and what they do.”


Follow the link below to download the song:

Follow the link below for a listen on

Lyric video at link below:

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