The Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting Monday, Sept. 24. Following roll call, all present members and guests stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Bill Byrns with EMC/E911 services was present to request an increase on his credit card limit on his credit card. Byrns request was made due to fuel claims and upcoming expenses for travel to the emergency management conference he will be attending. The motion was made and approved to move the current limit from $500 to increase to $1,500 on the card.

The resolution to add People’s Bank as a designated depository was approved. People’s Bank will join existing depositories Corydon State Bank and Great Western Bank.

Wayne County Engineer Jeff Skalberg was in attendance to provide an update on many county wide projects. He informed the board that the bathroom removal at Bob White Park in Allerton had been completed.

“I did see the work completed there and it looks so nice,” said Dave Dotts. “You guys did a great job on that project.”

Skalberg also updated the board on the major maintenance project for 45th street. The road is currently closed due to major wash out during rain.

“We are trying to get prices on this, but we are unsure when this will be completed,” said Skalberg. “It will happen, but will possibly be next spring.”

Currently, there is a pipe that is 10 foot by 16 foot wide. Ideas including a small bridge or train car are being looked into for repairs. Pricing will determine the next step.

A patching crew was scheduled to be back in Clio the beginning of October. Skalberg stated the holdup on the project came from the railroad company’s end, as they were having difficulty finding flaggers.

Skalberg informed the board of truck #66 breaking down. After calling the service company, he was informed there is a mobile service truck unit available for these break down issues.

“We sent pictures in of the issues and was told they could come down with the mobile unit to take a look in person,” said Skalberg. “We had no idea that service was available to us.”

“Well that was a well kept secret,” said Duffy Kester. “Good job finding that one out.”

Skalberg reported mowing of right of ways on highways is currently being handled. They were currently in Allerton area and hoped to make it south of Seymour before middle of the week.

“We are always talking about wanting to get it mowed far enough back where the deer can’t get a run at you,” said Dotts. “Jon Trower does a really nice job to clear it as far as possible, going way off to the sides.”

When discussing pricing for a new patching saw Kester stated, “I am definitely in favor of looking at more options. Keep looking and keep me informed.”

Skalberg informed the board with his search thus far it appears a new saw would run $15,000.

“For now we will continue to do rentals until we can find something decent that is priced in our range,” said Skalberg. “And during our search we are looking for one without a computer.”

During the public hearing with regards to vacating Fillmore Street from 140th to 150th, there were no public citizens in attendance for the discussion. The motion was made and approved to vacate the street in this section.

Dotts opened up discussion regarding the landfill situation. He reminded the board that Corydon city residents are no longer allowed to take trash to the Wayne-Ringgold-Decatur Landfill.

Kester added in the complaint he has been informed of, “I have a neighbor with Wayne plates on his pick-up and trailer. When he took a load over, he was stopped and questioned pretty heavily wanting to know if his load originated from Corydon. They are pretty serious about not letting someone slip by.”

Kester wanted to be sure the residents of Corydon are aware of this landfill change. Corydon residents must now take garbage to Pella or Oskaloosa.

Treasurer Kim Swearingin was present to discuss cyber ware and preventing cyber attacks. Swearingin is looking into options available to have encrypted emails within the office. Emails being sent out currently do not have this available.

Currently Zix is being looked into as an option for this type of cyber ware protection. The fees for this service would run $1,800 to $2,000 per year and would protect up to 25 email accounts within offices.

With this service emails being sent out would require the recipient to set up an account to open and view email. The account requires a username and password, which would then notify email sender who viewed the email.

The next regular meeting for the Board of Supervisors is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 8 at 9 a.m. As of press time a special meeting will have already been held on Monday, Oct. 1 to approint the new Wayne County Auditor.

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