The Silver Cord program is a distinguished graduation awards available to Wayne Community School seniors who volunteer 160 hours throughout their high school career. Students who have completed 160 hours of approved volunteer service will be awarded the Silver Cord to wear for recognition at graduation.

Students must complete at least 40 hours of volunteer services each year, but no more than 80 hours per one school year will be credited for silver cords as the purpose is to have students become more active in their community throughout their high school career. Students that move into the Wayne school district will be given the opportunity to catch up with his/her grade by completing additional volunteer hours throughout the year.

The purpose of this program is to acknowledge students who go above and beyond in their community by volunteering, to encourage them to find the good in giving back to their community and to recognize these students for their efforts. Students will not only learn how and why it is important to volunteer, but they will also learn how to develop their own leadership and citizenship skills. Volunteering helps build character and brings the community together making it a better place.

During the month of May of the graduating year, seniors will deliver a presentation to the eighth grade class. The goal of the final presentation is to deliver a positive message about the benefits of service to others in and around our community and to encourage participation.

A committee of six members has been established in adding the Silver Cord Program to Wayne Community School. They will be available to provide letters of recommendation or verification of the community services for college admission, scholarship applications or other applicable opportunities.

Each student that reaches the 25, 50, 100, 125 and 160-hour milestones will be recognized amongst their peers during the awards ceremony each term. At each milestone students will receive a certificate of completion.

A new link has been added to the Wayne Community School website titled Silver Cord. In this link a calendar has been added that will be kept up to date with possible volunteer opportunities.

If you have any opportunities that you could use volunteers for and would like to be included on the calendar, please email This can include anything from needing snow shoveled to having an event that you need volunteer help with.

Students are not allowed to take any form of compensation for their time, as this is a volunteer only program. In the email please include the date, time and a contact name and number. The committee will not assign students for events. Students will be expected to find their own volunteer hours and make contact with the supervising adult.

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