The Pershys

The Pershy family

Many girls grow up with a love for fashion. Sometimes that love can lead a dream into reality. For Sheena Pershy, that’s exactly what she is pursuing now with the opening of Addiction Clothing Boutique.

Currently, Pershy’s boutique is set up for online sales through her website and Facebook page and the occasional open houses she has held. She has big plans in the works however, with her sights set on a spring opening for her own brick and mortar store location.

“I love to shop and love shopping for new clothing,” said Pershy. “I didn’t have any hobbies other than shopping really so I thought why not open my own boutique where I can have new clothing for myself to wear.”

While the boutique benefited Pershy for stocking her own closet, she wanted to give locals something exciting as well.

“I wanted the community to have a local place to shop for clothing,” Pershy said. “Somewhere that clothing wasn’t over priced. Prices that I myself would be okay spending on items.”

With the boutique being offered online currently, anything listed is in stock and ready for shipment. Promotions are offered through the Addiction Clothing Boutique on Facebook such as sales, giveaways and free shipping on any purchases $75 or more. Pershy also noted that items ship out within two to three days from purchasing which gets items to the customers quickly.

Another great perk to following the Facebook page is seeing all new arrivals to the boutique. New items arriving are posted to the page giving customers a sneak peak to what is coming soon and what is available now.

Pershy has plans to attend the Magic Las Vegas trade show market in the beginning of February 2019 to shop for new vendors and items for her boutique.

“Staying ahead of fashion trends is a big goal of mine,” Pershy said. “When I attend the trade show in February I will be shopping for spring and summer items. I will have the chance to see what fashion trends are coming and stay ahead of the market.”

Pershy wants to be sure while shopping for affordable clothing for her customers, she is also buying items of good quality. She wants her customers to be able to feel the material and make selections easier by having the option to try on before purchasing as well.

As of now Pershy offers women’s clothing and some accessories through the online boutique with changes to come once the store itself opens up. The store location is set to go up at their home on Highway 14 on the Lucas and Wayne County lines. Plans to add children’s clothing, plus size and curvy clothes for women, shoes, purses and other accessories are coming.

Pershy, along with her husband Truett, own local steakhouse in Corydon, Ludlow’s Steakhouse which she credits her husband to running the entire business without her help. Between her daytime job at Hy-Vee Pharmacy, his daytime job at Sales & Associates, Cook Insurance and their three children, things can sometimes be hectic for their schedules.

“I knew I wanted to do this one day and I kept putting it off,” Pershy added. “You never know if it will work if you don’t make time and try it, so I decided now was the time. I wouldn’t know if I didn’t take the chance.”

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