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The Times-Republican asked each candidate on the ballot for the City of Corydon and Wayne Community School Board open seats, the same questions as to why they are asking for your vote.

City of Corydon

(in alphabetical order) 

Dawn Christian


KIDS: Sydney Christian, Camy (and Christopher) Schacher

Why do you believe you would be a good fit if elected to the position you are running for:

I once heard it said, “if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” I have always believed that if one is going to voice a complaint, one should also present possible solutions. I’ve voiced several complaints in recent years regarding the City of Corydon and think it’s time I put my money where my mouth is.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers; I don’t even know all the questions. I’m not afraid of asking the questions or helping to find the answers. I’m a problem solver, by nature. I don’t like the phrase, ‘because we’ve always done it this way’. I’m open minded (though opinionated) but truly appreciate change and the processes involved to promote it. I also appreciate perspectives that differ from mine.

I’ve lived in Corydon for nearly all my life. My husband and I both work here, we raised our family here, and we’re encouraging our children to raise their families here; I’m invested in the future. I want the future of this town to be bright and the road to brightness is paved with growth and change.

My work philosophy is this: the people who do the work not only know the problems, they also have insight to the resolutions. In this case, I believe it’s not those sitting at the table for the city; rather, it’s the employees, the residents, and those in similar roles (we can learn a lot from other towns). It’s the job of the mayor and city council to help identify those problems and more importantly, facilitate the solutions.

I’m interested in a seat at the table to represent views of all residents, not to appease an agenda.  It’s for the voters to decide if I’m a good fit and an aligned voice on the city council.

Delvin Dresser

I am Delvin Dresser a life long resident of Corydon who graduated in 1969.  I have a B.A. in Political Science from (NMSU) Truman State University. In my last semester I was an intern in the City Manager’s Office in Kirksville. Missouri. I worked forty hours a week for 15 weeks for 15 college credits.

I have other college work and I taught school at Wayne Community for 20 years. I worked seven years at Pella Corporation on the jamb inline. I was a Guidance Counselor at Mormon Trail for one year. I was a caregiver for my mother for five years. 

I owned five houses in Corydon and I understand the frustrations of owning property. I volunteer at the museum and I’m currently the President of Wayne County ARC; a post I’ve held for 20 years.

I’ve learned that people want someone to listen to them. They don’t expect you to be perfect. They want to be heard. I can perform that function. 

I am very concerned on how money is spent. I believe you need to be careful with other people’s money. Fixing the streets is the number one issue in Corydon. They need fixed before somebody gets hurt. And they need fixed right. I also believe we need business’s where people can afford to shop. People go elsewhere because it’s cheaper even after buying the gas to go there.  

Kyle Hampton

Children:  Karna (Hampton) Patton, lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa, 21 years old.   Twila (Peetie) Hampton, lives in Waterloo, Iowa, 20 years old.

Why would I be a good fit:  By being able to see potential situations and being proactive to them as opposed to being reactive.  With my experience, especially with the military, I have been faced with working with others to form an appropriate solution and follow through until the completion.  Some of the decisions that have been made was for the good of everyone, not just a benefit to me.  In the next few years, the challenges that I see in Corydon are housing and road repairs.  East Penn is expanding and basically doubling the work force.  I don’t think anyone believes that all the new employees will live in Corydon, but it is believable that there will be some that want to move here.  Right now it is scheduled that some of the roads in Corydon is going to be repaired next spring.  We need to continue with that.  I think that working on those two things, along with already having the hospital, the school and the amenities like the wellness center, the pool, the theater and the golf course will make a big impact on attracting new residents.  I am a firm believer in the rule of the law and it should apply to everyone.

A graduate of Wayne High School (1986).  A life long resident of Corydon, when I was on active duty, my home of record was still Corydon.  Raised my family here with the daughters graduating from Wayne High School in 2016 (Karna) and 2017 (Peetie).  Retired from the military, U.S. Army June 1986-December1996. Iowa Army National Guard January 1997-January 2008.  Deployments to Saudi Arabia 1993 and Iraq 2003-2004.

Kenny Holmes

Spouse: Sandy

Kids: two, Chelsey Markle and Samantha Lexa and three grandchildren.

Why do you believe you would be a good fit if elected to the postion you are running for:  Since I first got on the city council, I have been a good protector of your tax dollar. The garbage, recycling, new remote water meters were wins for the city. With a lot of new development going on we need to work on many new things like nuisance properties, housing, streets, sewer and water up-grades. All of this is going on at this time. Progress is being made but it is a slow process.

You have people working for the city employees and council members who truly care about your town.

We need more young people to get involved in city government; to go to meetings, be a council member or serve in some way. I think people would really get a new understanding of the local system.

Dennis Moorman

Ninette Moorman, Spouse

We have four children.  They are all on their own, two in Des Moines, and two in Knoxville.

I have been on the council five years, and appointed mayor that will be a year Nov.1. I put in a lot of extra time working on projects for the city.  I like to work with both the office crew and the city crew.  I am retired and have a lot of time for meetings both day and night.  I wouldn’t think about being Mayor if I had a full time job.  I don’t feel I would do the city justice.

I retired in 2010 with 27 years with the Iowa Department of Transportation, highway maintenance. As a garage operation assistance directly under the supervisor,  I have been around new concrete roads being built,  asphalt over lays, rock roads, plowed snow several years, new bridges being build, culverts, earth slides, and took care of office work in the last years.  I had many other duties.

We started working for streets several years ago; I would like to see the project completed.   The city office ladies, the city crew, and the council all work great together.

I have a lot of respect for each one of them.  We are all working together to make a better Corydon.  We could do a lot more, but we have to stay within the budget.

I would appreciate your support in the up coming election for Mayor.

Dennis Moorman candidate for Mayor.  Thanks everyone.

Amber Rodgers

Spouse: Devin Rodgers

Kids: Alley (5 - kindergarten) and Lennox (4 - Magical Beginnings Nursery School)

Why do you believe you would be a good fit if elected to the position: Since being appointed to the Corydon City Council almost one year ago, I have learned so much about city government. I'm currently a part of the city of Corydon's housing subcommittee and the parks and rec subcommittee. I have attended multiple trainings about housing that were hosted by the Iowa League of Cities and have brought that valuable information back to help improve housing conditions in our city. I have met one on one with the Wayne County Conversation board and the Conservation Director to begin working hand in hand with them at Corydon Lake Park.  I would appreciate your vote, and I hope to continue serving our city and community as a member of the city council. Thank you.

Joshua W. Shields

Spouse: Tierra D. (Thomas) Shields

Kids: Aleigha, Elizibeth and John.

Why do you believe you would be a good fit if elected to the position you are running for?

To be a successful mayor in a small town rural Iowa you need four things: (1) You have to be able to listen, evaluate and act on the concerns of your constituents. As a father of three, I have been well versed in listening, evaluating the necessity of their wants and making the decision to act based on facts. A city is a family and a family/city require their leadership to be strong. (2) You must be impartial, not easily swayed. As department heard at work I have to handle situations, some involve friends. I have to be just as strict with friends on a daily basis as I do some who I just work with. Fairness and equality are high standards for others and myself. As mayor I will act in the best interests of all parties not just the ones I feel deserve to be heard. (3) Integrity, this word gets used a lot and seldom gets defined. I define integrity as doing the right things for the right reasons, even when you know no one will see or find out. Integrity goes hand in hand with loyalty, respect and honesty. All are great values we should look for in our next mayor. As mayor I swear to be transparent in any and all decisions. (4) Dedication and follow through. I am a 20 plus year employee of Iowa Select Farms. I have been married and a father now for just over six years. Simply stated, dedication and loyalty/follow through are proven. When I make the decision to sign on and do a task it gets done. I see it through. As your mayor the same will be true.

I moved to Corydon to start a life with my then fiancé and her daughter, but as the family grew, on through adoption and marriage and the addition of two more children, Corydon became less of town and more mu home. I joined the Old Settlers Committee to keep traditions alive. I am a member of the Corydon/Allerton Chamber of Commerce, as Rebel DJ my mobile DJ service. I have volunteered to coach, even though I’d overly competitive the wife says. As a family we are members of the New Zion United Methodist Church.

I want to be mayor because I love Corydon and right now it needs strong leadership who are dedicated to its prosperity and preservation; someone who will listen as a friend to all and make sound financial decisions to keep us progressing. Then all said, I hope that come Nov. 5 you make the decision to vote, Shields for Mayor. 

Wayne Community School Board

(listed in alphabetical order) 

Bill Byrns

Spouse : Joan

Kids : Adele Javorsky -Married to Brennen and they have a two year old son - they live in Spearfish, S Olivia Byrns - Also lives in Spearfish, S D, has a degree in exercise science from Black Hills State University  - Both are Wayne Community Graduates

I have lived in Wayne County for nearly 30 years and have been a member of the Allerton Fire Department for 27 years. For the past 10 years I have been on the board of directors at the Round Barn and am a member of the Clio Baptist Church. Currently I serve on the school board at Wayne Community School District and have been in that capacity for four years. I am running for this office because I want to continue to see the positive progress the district is making. The school board has had discussions about starting up the industrial arts program again and I would like to see that happen if enough interest is shown. Another project that the board is working on is an application to FEMA for a safe room to be constructed at the elementary. I am pleased with the direction the district is going and would like to continue to be a part of that.   

Brandon Carpenter

Spouse: Molly Carpenter, 1st grade teacher at Wayne Elementary

Kids: Jackson 10 and Aiden 7

Why do you believe you would be a good fit if elected to the position you are running for?

I’m running for school board because I believe everybody needs to do their part on these local boards. They are thankless jobs but somebody has to do them.  I am just looking to do right by the teachers, students and taxpayers. 

I would also like to see Wayne Community take part in getting back to teaching basic life skills to kids that otherwise will never learn how to do some of these things that can help them in everyday life.  I am a “speak his mind” type of person, so take that for what its worth.     

Kevin Comer

Spouse: Cindy

Kids: Michael, Class of 2009 and Matt, Class of 2011.

Why do you believe you would be a good fit if elected to the position you are running for?

I have lived in the Wayne School District since 1995 and it is the only school district either of my sonw ever attended. While my commitment to the success of Wayne Schools doesn’t make me unique among the candidates, I believe it does make me a good fit. We have great students and a great staff. I’d like to do whatever I can to serve both groups.

Dr. Anne Kruse

Spouse:  Judd

Kids:  Scott, Michael, Lindsay, Christopher

Why do you believe you would be a good fit if elected to the position for which you are running? I have been involved in public education for over 40 years.  I have been a public school teacher in Iowa and Nebraska, a private music teacher, a college professor preparing elementary and secondary teachers, as well as principals.  I attended Iowa Western Community College receiving an Associate of  Arts degree, the University of Nebraska at Omaha where I received a Bachelor of Science degree,  and a masters and doctorate degrees in Education from Iowa State University.  I have taught at Grand View University, Iowa State University, Alaska Pacific University, and Viterbo University.  

I have been the Executive Director of the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners which establishes the standards for teacher and administrator licenses as well as ethics.  I have worked extensively with the State of Iowa House and Senate education committees as well as the Iowa State Education Association, the Iowa School Boards Association and the School Administrators of Iowa.

I believe in providing a safe and supportive learning environment where all students can learn which includes providing a strong well-balanced curriculum, well prepared teachers, informed parents and most of all, local control.  

I also believe that not all students need to attend college.  We need to provide a strong curriculum for those students who choose not to attend college so they are well prepared if they decide to enter the work force or attend a trade school of their choice.  

I believe my background would be a good fit as a public school board member for Wayne Community schools.

Kristina Pollock

My Name is Kristina Pollock and I am running for the Wayne Community Schools School Board. I am married to Wayne graduate Bruce Pollock. Together we have three children, Alex Brennecke and Kade Richman, both Wayne graduates, and Max Pollock, a current 6th grader here at Wayne. I have been serving on the Wayne Community School Board for the last nine months.

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering for different organizations. A few of those include serving as the Wayne PTA president and volunteering at the Corydon Theater. I am also an Honorary Member of the Wayne FFA for my volunteer work with them. In the past, I have served as the Assistant Treasurer on the Wayne County Fair Board. I enjoy helping out where I am needed.

I feel that I would be a great fit for the Wayne Community School Board because I truly care for the success of the students in our community. I have spent countless hours with the students in our community, and I feel we have some of the best! I have seen firsthand how our teaching staff, administration, and Board of Education want to prepare our students to be successful members of our community.  My last nine months on the board have shown me that I want to continue to be part of that.

I feel that my time spent on the board during the interviewing and hiring process of our new Superintendent has helped prepare me for just about anything I may encounter while on the Board. I am an open-minded person, and I am able to listen and have conversations with others regarding their thoughts and beliefs without getting upset if they don’t align with mine. In addition, I am not a pushover. If we are talking about what’s best for any child, I will stand my ground when needed.

While on the Board I have learned that our students’ mental health is a great concern, and I am happy that we have taken the appropriate steps to provide our students with needs that they may have. Another item I would like to be involved with is the discussion of bringing back our Industrial Tech classes. I personally feel that our students are missing out by not having the opportunity to take these classes.

Something that I am really excited about is the growth in our Ag Program. The students that are involved in this program are receiving opportunities to serve others and see what hands on, hard work gets you. I feel these are both important values to help our students grow into successful adults in our community. There are many positive things going on here at Wayne, and I would like to continue to be a part of those. Are there some things that need addressed and worked on here at Wayne? Sure, but I feel with the leadership we have in place along with all of us working together, we can work through them and better our educational community.

I would love the opportunity to continue working with the great students, staff, and administrators of our district while serving on the Wayne Community School Board. 

Anne Winslow-Cook

Spouse: Darrell Cook

Kids: Sons: Taylor Cook (28) and Mason Cook (25)

Why do you believe you would be a good fit if elected to the position you are running for?

I believe I would be a good fit as a director of the Wayne Community School Board because of who I am: an educator, an alum and a leader.

I am an educator. For the last 10 years, I have taught elementary Art and TAG (Talented and Gifted) at Central Decatur CSD in neighboring Leon, Iowa. For five years, I was an active member of CD’s Lead Team as a Mentor Teacher. In this role, I worked regularly with the superintendent, principals and fellow teachers to strategize and plan for academic growth and success of students by supporting the professional development needs of teachers. As an active classroom teacher, I work daily with students of all ages, academic and developmental stages, and economic conditions. The goal of a school is to educate each student to be a productive and contributing member of society. I do this daily.

I am a Wayne alum. I belong to a five-generation family of Wayne/Corydon graduates, which include my great-grandfather, grandfather, parents, siblings and children. I am proud to be a Falcon. I care about the quality of education that students receive at Wayne and the quality of support that teachers receive from the administration. I care about the school’s culture and its reputation among the community at large and surrounding districts. Wayne Schools has a strong academic foundation and strong community support. This is an asset that needs to be continually nurtured, evaluated and supported by all the stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, administration, school board, and community members. We are all in this together.

I am a leader. I have served in a variety of leadership and volunteer position in school, community, civic and church organizations. School boards plan for the future, and I am not afraid to ask the hard questions. I am also a good listener, who actively seeks multiple views on a subject. I work towards forward thinking, creative and viable solutions, and financial responsibility appropriate to the 21st century needs and realities. Corydon and Wayne County is going through an exciting period of revitalization. Strong employment opportunities will bring in more families and more students into the Wayne School District. The health of the school determines the health of the community. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines and watch it happen. Instead, want to take an active part of this growth.

Any additional information you wish to include:

Public schools do not make money, and the funding sources for the many needs of a school have strict guidelines. School board directors work with the superintendent to make sound decisions not only for operating expenses, but that shape the culture and future of the school. I am willing to listen to the needs of the community, parents and the staff in making these decisions. I believe I would be a good Wayne Community school board director because I firmly believe that an academically strong, financially stable and foreword thinking school district is both the backbone of our community and the future to which we aspire. 

The combined city and school election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 5 with polls open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

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