The Wayne County Supervisors approved Resolution 08-03-18, which is an agreement between the City of Corydon and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office to provide police protection and enforcement in Corydon. The supervisors also approved the resignation of Wayne County Auditor, Tammy Clark.

Executive Director Bonnie Friend of Wayne County Conservation asked for an outdoor display to be placed in the front entrance of the Wayne County Courthouse.

“When I first started, I had enquired about putting a display up at the courthouse. At that time, I wasn’t approved to do that,” Friend said, adding that she was recently told since the small tree that was displayed had died and was removed, she was asked if she would like to put a display up to promote Wayne County Parks. It would include a tri-fold display with baskets of brochures with information about the parks.

Friend brought in a photo of a sample display featuring a kayak and turkey along with the tri-fold display, but said that the space in the front entrance would be too small for those two items. The supervisors approved.

Dale Clark attended the meeting to represent the township trustees in a fencing dispute. Reportedly, some people moving into the townships are not obeying Iowa fence laws.

“Someone moving in from the East Coast, they do not have the same fence law that we do,” Clark said, stating an example of those who move in and do not follow the fence laws. “When they come in here and buy, saying ‘well, I’m from Pennsylvania, or wherever, I don’t have to do it this way.’ Yeah, you do have to because of Iowa fence law.”

Wayne County Engineer Jeff Skalberg reported that Cedar Falls Construction would return to the county to work on more patching projects. The north side of the contract bridge will be grounded in the next few weeks.

“Next week, we’re going to be mowing the highway railways,” Skalberg said.

“Hopefully you can get to south of Seymour, as soon as possible,” John Sellers said.

“There’s a bunch of willows south of Seymour that really need attention,” Duffy Kester added, “and we’re very concerned if we don’t get them this year, then they’ll have spread and we’re really going to have a real traffic hazard.”

Skalberg asked if the trees needed to be cut down, but Sellers and Kester did not think it was necessary to cut the growing trees down yet. David Dotts corrected them, stating they were actually locust trees.

Skalberg and Dan Carpenter then reported a fuel pump on one of their motor graders had exploded, causing metal shrapnel to go into the motor. Caterpillar in Des Moines was contacted for further instruction on fixing it.

“It’s 500 hours out of warranty, but through a code we called and we were told to keep running it,” Carpenter said. “It’s not going to be a small thing, the engine will have to be pulled out of it.” Skalberg added after the engine is removed and flushed out, the pump would need to be replaced. The motor grader will be taken to Des Moines to for further inspection.

Denise Becker requested funds for the Chariton Valley Regional Housing Trust in the amount of $7,500 for next July’s budget. The supervisors approved of the funds.

Michelle Dooley was then appointed as a Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) representative for Wayne County.

The meeting adjourned.

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